American Airlines Name Change Policy

It is tough for newbies to change their names on the flight ticket. When it comes to American Airlines, passengers are provided with a straightforward process with a flexible American Airlines Name Change Policy. Anyone can change their name with American Airlines, but still, there are some restrictions that can make the process even tougher if you are unaware of the Name Change Rules. The Policy, Step-by-Step Guidelines, etc., are written below to make everything required to change a name easy for you. So, Check out the details before proceeding with the name change process. 

American Airlines Name Change Policy – Key Guidelines

American Airlines Name Change Policy may vary depending on the fare type. As per the name change rules, there are several kinds of changes allowed that you can make to the name. To know the guidelines in detail, read the points given below:

  • If there is a small error in your name, you can correct it on any fare for free. For example, if only a single alphabet is wrong in your name, American Airlines allows passengers to correct it without any extra charges.
  • You are not allowed to change the name on the ticket for the other passenger.
  • If a person gets divorced or married, they can change an entire last name.
  • To proceed with the Name Change Procedure, the Airline will ask you to provide valid documentation.
  • It is free to make a small change in name.
  • Name Correction fee and Name change or name correction process fee are applicable.
  • The Fee for name change and name correction depends on the kind of fares and also the routes.
  • The Airline will accept only used flight tickets for the name change process.
  • If you got a connecting flight and there is still an unused portion left, you will still consider eligible for the name change process.
  • The name change process can be done 3 hours before the scheduled flight.
  •  As per American Airlines Name Change Policy, only one name change is allowed per ticket.
  • For minor mistakes, it is a must to make changes to your name 24 hours before the departure because you may not be able to change your name as the flight is entirely in control of the Airline in this timeframe.

American Airlines Ticket Name Change Policy by Fare Type

For Economy Fares

At American Airlines, Economy Fares are non-refundable and non-reversible. If you have purchased Economy Fares, you will not be allowed to change your name. However, the airline allows name changes for those who made a mistake in their legal name for a fee. It is better to get in touch with the Live person at American Airlines before proceeding with the process. A live person will let you know the eligibility and other details related to changing a name on the Economy Fares.

For Premium Economy Fares

Premium Economy Fares are both refundable and non-refundable. You can change your name on refundable premium economy fare, but you will need to pay the name change fee. Unfortunately, Airlines don’t allow making changes in names on non-refundable fares. For non-refundable premium economy fare, you can cancel it first and re-purchase it with the right name.  

For Business Class Fares

Non-refundable American Airlines Business Class fares are not eligible for the name change process as per American Airlines Name Change Policy. Instead of changing the name, you can purchase a new flight ticket after cancelling the previous one with a new and correct name. Refundable Business Class fares are eligible for name change and name correction as well. However, you will require to provide additional documents for verification.

For First Class Fares

The name change policy for American Airlines First Class depends on the situation. Here are the guidelines for name change and name correction:

Name Change Guidelines

To change the name on the American Airlines First Class flight ticket, you need to contact the live person directly. You can change your name by paying some charges. The name change policy for first class fares depends on the fare rules. However, in some cases, American Airlines don’t allow you to change the name, even for a fee.

Name Correction Policy

You can correct minor mistakes on your own from the official site or mobile app without any charges. If there is more than one alphabet to be fixed, you should contact the live person at American Airlines, and they may ask you for some name change charges.

Types of Name Change On American Airlines Flight Tickets

Name Change Due To Marriage

For newly Weds, American Airlines name change policy offers some advantages. Check out the points given below to learn the guidelines for changing a legal name after getting married.

  • Newlyweds are allowed to file a free passport with a new name in free for 12 months. You can consider this advantage a gift from the Department of American Airlines.
  • You can apply for your Travel insurance if the Airline still has not changed your name.
  • As per the guidelines of the TSA, you cannot use your marriage certificate as documentation for identification. For this, you must have your driving license.

Minor Name Corrections

  • You can correct the minor mistake with the help of a Live person on a call or directly at the airport.
  • American Airlines allows corrections on only American-operated flights.
  • Both Paper Tickets and E-Ticket are eligible for minor name corrections.
  • In the documentation, you will need to carry your old ID as well as your new ID with a passport-size photo, your flight ticket confirmation number, and your contact number.
  • Minor changes for E-Tickets can be corrected over call. The Live person will complete the process on your behalf.

Types of minor changes

Misspelled name

Previous name – Jon

The new name you need to replace with the previous name – John

Capital or Small Letters

Previous name – JOHN

The new name you need to replace with the previous name – John

Transposed Number or Letter

Previous  name- Jokn

Previous number – 1243

The new name you need to replace with the previous name – John

The new number you need to replace with the previous number – 1234

Major Name Corrections

Entire First name or last name change consider a Major Name Correction. For such changes, the airline will ask you for documents such as Marriage Certificate, Passport, or Driving License. Due to the limitations of the Software, American Airlines don’t allow to make changes in the same PNR.

Types of Major Name Corrections

Corrections in First & Last Name

Example; “Smth” to “Smith” or “Jhon” to “John”

Changes In Legal Name

Example; “Campbell Mae” to “Campbell Moore”

AAdvantage Name Change   

Passengers having AAdvantage flight tickets are eligible for a name change. When you login into the official site with your AAdvantage username and last name, you will require to submit your marriage certificate, Photo ID, or Driving License.

Passengers who don’t have their login credentials can directly connect with the live person at American Airlines on call.

American Airlines Ticket Name Change: Easy Steps to Follow

Online Process

  1. With the help of any browser you have on your device, open the American Airlines official site.
  2. Now go to the “My Trips” section.
  3. In the text fields, provide your flight booking details.
  4. Now provide your First name and Last name as well.
  5. Tap on the “Find Reservation” button.
  6. After that, you will see all the reservations you made on a single page. Choose one from the list for a name change or name correction.
  7. Find and Tap on the change flight option.
  8. Choose a name change option and make changes accordingly.
  9. After making changes, click on the edit button, and then the changes will be applied.
  10. At the end of the process, click on the save button and complete the payment process.

Offline Process

To change the name offline, you need to dial 800‑433‑7300.

Press the right key to connect with the live person to make changes.

After you connect with the live person, ask them to make changes to your name, and they will complete the process on your behalf.

Automated Voice Menu

Press 1 – For Inquiry

Press 2 – For New Reservation

Press 3 – For adding luggage

Press 7 – For getting the assistance of a live representative.

American Airlines Name Change on Flight Ticket: Fee Structure

  • In some cases, American Airlines allows passengers to change names for free.
  • American Airlines charge $25 as a name change process fee to the visitors.
  • For both domestic and international flights, you will be charged from $200 to $700 per ticket.
  • Passengers will be charged $750 to more for flights to or from North and South America.
  • American Airlines charge $25 for minor name corrections.

Can We Transfer The Ticket To Another Person’s Name in American Airways?

At American Airlines, you may not allow to transfer a ticket booked by your name to the other passenger. But you can cancel a flight that requires $150 as cancellation charges and book a new flight ticket with a new name. On cancelling a non-refundable flight ticket, you will receive a credit that you can use to pay for the cancellation charges online. You will require to pay $20 as service charges on cancelling a flight ticket on call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the passenger name on an airline ticket American airlines?

Yes. American Airlines allows passengers to change their entire last name as per American Airlines Name Change Policy. Before proceeding with the name change process, it is better to read the name change guidelines properly.

How much does it cost to change passenger name on American Airlines?

The name change fee is free for visitors. However, they will need to pay $25 for the name change process. For both international and domestic flights, American Airlines charge you a name change fee from $200 to $700.

Can you correct a name on American Airlines ticket?

If any portion of your American Airlines flight ticket is unused, you can avail of the flexible name change policy. From minor to major name corrections, you are allowed to make corrections for a fee. Minor changes can be made on American Eagle and American Prime Flights only.

What if my name is misspelled on my American Airline ticket?

If your name is misspelled, you can dial the contact number of American Airlines to connect with the Live person. The live person will guide you with the documentation and policies, and they will complete the process on your behalf. Also, if there is only one character wrong in your name, you are allowed to fix it for free.

How do I correct my name spelling on a ticket?

You can correct your name through both online and offline methods. To fix your name offline, dial 800‑433‑7300. After dialing this number, you will be connected with a live person. Get the assistance of a live person to complete the name change or name correction process. To change or correct your name online, visit the American Airlines official site and navigate to the “My Trips” section. Here, you need to select the name change process and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is it OK if my name is spelled wrong on a plane ticket?

As per the TSA regulations, if there is a tiny mistake, the airline may avoid it. If the name is totally different, you will need to change it because it will be difficult for the airline to identify, and they will stop you from going to the security checkpoint.

How do I change my married name on American Airlines?

American Airlines understand the situation. Everyone knows that legal marriage certificates take 2 weeks to be issued. After 2 weeks, if your flight ticket portion is still unused or there is time for your departure, you can bring your marriage certificate to the Live person at the airport or attach them online on the official site for required documentation for a name change.

Can I book a flight with my maiden name?

If you have your maiden name written on your passport, it is a must to have the same name on your flight ticket as well. Otherwise, you will not be able to board as per TSA Regulations.

Can I change name after booking a flight?

Yes. If there is more than one day left for your boarding and your flight ticket portion is still unused, you can change your name for a fee. The name can be changed via the official site, mobile app, on-call, or directly at the airport.