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What Is United Airlines Premier Access And Its Benefits?

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united premier access

In the blog, we will discuss United Premier Access. Although flying is an amazing experience, how can it not? That is to say, flying at 30,000 feet has got to be exhilarating. In addition to feeling like a bird, you get to your destination far quicker.

However, the journey from your home to your flight is another form of torture. From the endless lines at check-in & security to the strict baggage rules. So, it’s fair to assume that nobody in their right mind enjoys being at an airport.

Therefore, it’s lucky that airlines like United provide premium services (for a fee, of course) to their passengers. 

So, let us discuss: What is the United Premier Access? Then, how to use it and some guidelines.

What is the United Premier Access?

The United Airlines Premier Access is a package of special services allotted to eligible customers. In order, to smoothen the travel & make the transit more comfortable. These services include:

  • Premier Access® Check-In: That is to say, passengers with this service have access to a separate check-in line. Thus, ensuring no more standing for an hour in lines just to check-in.
  • Premier Access Security Lane: In short, passengers with Premier Access have a separate security lane. In order to accelerate the security check process.
  • Priority Boarding: The United Premier Access members get to board the flight before everyone else.
  • Premier Access Baggage Handling: These passengers get priority during baggage handling. That is to say; their baggage is usually the first to come down the ramp.

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Eligibility Criteria for United Premier Access

In short, not all passengers of United are allowed to avail the Premier Access services. In order to be eligible for said services, one must be one of the following:

  • A member of the MileagePlus Premier Club.
  • A traveler in the below stated fare classes (Elite Fare Class Traveler) of United-
    • Polaris Business Class
    • First®
    • Business®
  • A Star Alliance™ Gold member.
  • A credit card member of:
    • MileagePlus Club
    • Presidential Plus

However, some passengers may be able to purchase these services for select flights. Even though they’re not members of any of the above-given groups. 

How to Apply for the United Premier Access?

To summarize, passengers don’t have to apply for Premier Access specifically. If they are eligible for the services, at times, they can just use them at their will. 

Also, these services can be purchased while booking the ticket or at the airport. First, however, just to make sure everything is clear, let’s discuss this in detail. 

MileagePlus Premier – 

United offers the members of this club Premier Access while booking their fares. However, in order to achieve the MileagePlus Premier membership, you must have:

  • Premier Silver
    • 12 Premier Qualifying Flights + 4000 Premier Qualifying Points
    • Or, 5000 Premier Qualifying Points
  • Premier Gold
    • 24 Premier Qualifying Flights + 8000 Premier Qualifying Points
    • Or, 10000 Premier Qualifying Points
  • Premier Platinum
    • 36 Premier Qualifying Flights + 12000 Premier Qualifying Points
    • Or, 15000 Premier Qualifying Points
  • Premier 1K
    • 54 Premier Qualifying Flights + 18000 Premier Qualifying Points
    • Or, 24000 Premier Qualifying Points

Elite Fare Class Travelers – 

Passengers who travel through the elite fare classes can use the United Premier Access services. Also, passengers can utilize these services on both domestic & international travel.

In addition to the Premier Access services, passengers of this group also have some extra perks:

  • Firstly, they have free baggage check-in facilities.
  • Secondly, United provides them with an increased baggage allowance.

Star Alliance™ Gold – 

On the other hand, the Star Alliance™ Gold club members automatically have Premier Access.

United Airlines Credit Cards – 

In short, owners of these cards get access to the United Premier Access Services. In addition, points awarded on any purchase within United (fares, special meals, upgrades, etc.) using these cards will be multiplied by four.

Also, the owners have access to the specialized waiting lounges, known as United Clubs.

Lastly, to check whether or not you have Premier Access, all you need to do is look at the top of your ticket. In case you have premier access, it will be on top of your ticket.

Terms & Conditions of United Premier Access

Like any service, the United Premier Access services work according to specific terms & conditions. However, in order to avoid chaos & confusion, the airline has made these guidelines.

  • Firstly, passengers can only avail of Premier Access® on flights that are operated by:
    • United Airlines
    • United Express

Also, these services are subject to availability. That is to say, even though your flight is eligible for it, there’s a chance it won’t be available to you.

  • Secondly, Premier Access is only available on the flight for which you bought it.
  • Thirdly, passengers with basic economy fares are ineligible to purchase Premier Access.
  • Fourthly, if United cancels your fight or changes it. Then, the airline will transfer the Premier Access to the new ticket.
  • In case a passenger cancels their flight, Premier Access will not be refunded. However, Premier Access will automatically transfer to the reissued ticket for the flight change. 
  • Also, passengers with Premier Access are still bound to the check-in time limitations.

Contact Information

New ReservationIVR: 1-800-864-8331Dial – 2
Existing ReservationIVR: 1-800-864-8331Dial – 3
Baggage AssistancePhone No: 1-800-335-2247
MileagePlus Members AssistancePhone No: 1-800-421-4655

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Premier Access get you into the United Club?

In short, yes, some Premier Access owners can use the elite waiting lounges known as United Club.

What does United Premier 1K mean?

The United Premier 1K is the highest elite status on United Airlines. In addition to the perks of the other elite groups, 1K provides several of its own benefits.

Can I get into the United Lounge with a first-class ticket?

In short, yes, passengers with a first-class ticket have access to the United Club. However, this is only applicable to international flights.

Is first class worth it on a short flight?

To summarize, maybe, the first-class fare is worth the money for you. However, it depends on your financial standing, travel expectations, and needs. 
To clarify, for people with strong financial status, first class can be a luxurious experience. But, on the other hand, for the majority of common people, first class is too costly.
So, to answer your question, it all depends on the priorities of the passenger.

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