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Delta Airlines Baggage Policy – Restrictions, Fees & More 

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All about Delta Airlines Baggage Policy – Review; here, you will get everything about Delta Airlines Baggage Policy and its practical implications.

Traveling can be one of the best ways of recreation. After all, we all need to take some time out from our studies once in a while and enjoy the wonders of the world. Now, granted, students like us don’t have a boatload of money lying around. So, how do you expect us to travel?

Well, I made the intelligent decision to travel on Delta. And before you burst out laughing, hear me out. It was not as bad as I expected; it was actually quite pleasant, even though it’s a low-cost carrier.

Whenever I’ve traveled by air, the most hated part of it for me has been the lack of baggage allowance. Do these people really expect us to travel halfway across the continent with a handbag? Anyway, this behavior was somewhat corrected by Delta.

Even though they charged me for baggage, at least it felt like a service charge and not a burglary.

Moving on from my anecdotes, let me tell you why I felt Delta was worth it.

What are the Baggage Limitations on Delta Airlines?

Being young & financially challenged means you travel on the least expensive ticket. So, no perks or special red carpets for you, my friend, but at least you’ll get some respect. 

I traveled from New York to Cancun, and let’s just say I had to pay $30 for my baggage. So let me tell you in a bit more detail.

Carry-On Baggage

  • Firstly, Delta Air Lines provide a baggage allowance of 1 baggage & 1-Personal item. Regardless of fare class.
  • Secondly, Delta has specific dimension guidelines for carry-on baggage. That is to say, the dimensions of the carry-on baggage must not exceed,
Imperial22 in14 in9 in
Metric56 cm36 cm23 cm

In addition, the sum of the dimensions should not exceed 45 in (114 cm).

  • Thirdly, Delta has no weight limit on the carry-on baggage, except in specific locations, like:
Location AirportCarry-On Baggage Weight Limit
Singapore – Changi International Airport15 lbs (7 Kg)
China – Beijing Capital International Airport
22 lbs (10 Kg)
China – Pudong International Airport

Check-In Baggage

  • Firstly, passengers can have up to ten check-in bags per flight for Delta-operated flights.
  • Secondly, for Delta connection carriers, passengers can have up to four check-in bags.

However, if the airline cannot provide at least two baggage spaces for each passenger. Then, they will restrict the maximum baggage allowance limit.

  • Thirdly, media equipment like cameras, lights, microphones, etc., will only be allowed, if tendered by:
    • Commercial Filmmaking Companies
    • Local TV Broadcasters
    • Network Representative
  • Fourthly, baggage must not exceed 50 lbs (23 Kg) in weight for domestic flights. In case it’s not, the baggage is termed as overweight. Then, there will be extra charges levied on them,
Baggage WeightOverweight Fees
51lbs – 70lbs$100
71lbs – 100lbs$200
  • Also, the sum of the dimensions of check-in baggage cannot exceed 63 inches. In case it exceeds that, the baggage is considered oversized. Then, the airline will charge you an additional $200. Also, even with the oversized bag policy, your baggage cannot exceed 80 inches.
  • However, for international flights, the rules are a bit different. Therefore, I’ve given the information, with locations & overweight baggage charges.
    • To & from USA and Canada
51 – 70lbs71 – 100lbs
$100 USD/CAD$200 USD/CAD
  • North/South/Central America to Europe/North Africa
51 – 70lbsAbove 70lbs
$100 USD/$120 CAD/€85Not Allowed
  • Mexico/Central America/South America/Caribbean to Globally
51 – 70lbs71 – 100lbs
$100 USD/CAD$200 USD/CAD
  • North America to San Pedro Sula/Honduras/San Salvador/El Salvador
51 – 70lbs71 – 100lbs
$150 USD/CADNot Allowed
  • Asia to Globally
51 – 70lbs71 – 100lbs
$100 USD/CAD$200 USD/CAD
  • Australia/New Zealand to Globally
51 – 70lbsAbove 70lbs
$100 USD/CADNot Allowed

What are the Charges for Additional Baggage?

Even though Delta provides one free baggage allowance, sometimes it’s not enough. But, of course, no one ever thinks of it happening to them until it does. That is, overweight baggage, or maybe you have more bags than your fare allows. So then, what can you do aside from throwing some of your clothes out? 

First, however, I suggest you try to buy an extra baggage allowance from the airline. However, baggage price depends on your type of fare.

Domestic Flights
1st Bag2nd Bag3rd Bag4th – 10th Bag(Price per Additional Bag)
Basic Economy$30$40$150$200
Main Cabin$30$40$150$200
Delta Comfort+®$30$40$150$200
First Class$0$0$150$200
Delta Premium Select$0$0$150$200
Delta One®$0$0$150$200
International Flights
1st Bag2st Bag3rd Bag4th – 10th Bag  (Price per Additional Bag)
Basic Economy$75$100$285$285
Main Cabin$0$100$285$285
Delta Comfort+®$0$100$285$285
First Class$0$0$285$285
Delta Premium Select$0$0$285$285
Delta One®$0$0$285$285

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My Final Thoughts on Delta Airlines Baggage Policy

Although every trip has its ups and downs, as a traveler of Delta, I’d say I got my money’s worth. They didn’t overcharge me, so the trip remained within my budget, and the employees were accommodating. However, there are some things that I wish Delta would work on to make travel more fun. Firstly, it’s tough to get thorough information about Delta policies. That is to say; you have to sift through a lot of useless information online to find something. The seats were not as comfortable as I’d hoped. If you’re flying through the air, the last thing you want to do is keep adjusting your position.

In addition, if anyone is thinking of traveling on Delta, keep a few things in mind. Firstly, visit the website & look up all the charges, like baggage, cancelation, change, etc. Secondly, comparing tickets, paying a couple of extra dollars is sometimes worth it for the additional perks. Lastly, sit back, relax & enjoy the experience.

After all, you’re on a trip.

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