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How To Change Passenger Name On The Allegiant Air?

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This blog deals with Allegiant Air Name Change Policy.

It usually occurs when a passenger tries to board a flight but cannot do so. And one of the reasons can be the name mismatches with ID proofs, which can happen for various reasons. According to the name change policy, all passengers must fly with an accurate legal name on their ticket. So they have to correct any errors in their names due to this. And therefore, the airline offers its customers the Allegiant name change policy, which allows them to do so.

This blog will go over everything you need to know about Allegiant Air Name Change Policy, including the possible causes and how to resolve them.

Allegiant Air Name Change Policy

Passengers can change their flight information without difficulty using this option. This feature is available for name changes resulting from marriage, adoption, or divorce. This option can also be used to change inverted names. Let’s read carefully Allegiant Air Name Change Policy.

  • Allegiant Airlines Ticket Name Change Rules

During the booking process for flights with Allegiant Airlines, passengers may request name corrections for up to 4 characters on their first, middle, and last names. Keep the following points in mind before requesting a flight name change under the Allegiant name change policy:

  1. Members of the Reward Club are not permitted to change their tickets names. Allegiant Air Name Change Policy will not apply in this case.
  2. Passengers are not permitted to change the ticket’s ownership.
  3. As soon as the request for a name change for the flight is submitted, the said tickets will be reissued.
  4. Allegiant Air operates and markets flights on which passengers may request name corrections.
  5. Whenever you process a flight name change for the flight booking, you will be charged the most stringent fare rule for your flight segments.
  6. Your request for a flight name change will be approved once you have chosen your seats and added any other journey necessities.
  7. If a passenger changes their name legally due to a divorce, divorce decree, or any other legal obligation, they must submit their passport for validation.

Name Change Requests By Passengers  

Changing a name does not only involve correcting the name on a reservation. Passengers can, in fact, change a prefix, suffix, middle name & last name.

Allegiant name change policy outlines the types of name changes it will allow. You’ll discover how much of a fee you’ll need to pay and how to get this done.

  • Adding the Passenger’s Name’s Title/Suffix/Prefix

You can add titles, suffixes, and prefixes to your ticketed name under the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy. The fare difference, as well as the change fee, would be applicable. The tickets would be in a similar or higher service class. Call Allegiant Air’s flight representative to process the name change request.

  • Change/Add/Remove the Middle Name

If you have a middle name on the passport or other photo ID issued by govt, you can just add it and change it to match what is on the document. You will be required to provide govt-issued id while making modifications. The Allegiant Airlines flight name change fee would be charged to passengers. There may be fare differences. Airlines can only process the request for a name change over the phone.

  • Name Correction on Ticket

You can change up to four characters in your first, middle, or last name. The request mentioned above must be made to the airlines via their customer service phone number. You can also correct your name online in the “My Trip” section. You’ll be charged the change fee and any applicable fare difference.

How Do I Change My Name on an Allegiant flight ticket?

You can simply request a name change or correction online on the Allegiant official website. Furthermore, if you have a restricted fare, you must contact the airline directly to process the changes.

  • Online

Click My Trip to request a name change. You can retrieve your booking by providing the flight booking confirmation details. Choose the passenger whose name has to be changed. Please type the right name. Validate your passport or govt ID by submitting it. Make the required payment. Allegiant Airlines would send an email confirmation once the flight name change request has been submitted. To process the name change request online, follow the below steps –

  1. Firstly, click My Trip on Allegiant airline’s official website.
  2. Secondly, to retrieve the booking, type the 6-digit reference number & the passenger’s last name.
  3. Thirdly, choose the passenger whose name you want to change.
  4. In the mandatory field, type your correct name. 
  5. Cross-check the changes by submitting your passport or other form of identification.
  6. Make a payment to Allegiant Airlines to pay the fee for the name change & the difference in fare if any.
  7. Finally, when the request has been successfully completed, you will get an email confirmation that contains the updated passenger’s name.

Note: Under Allegiant Air Name Change Policy states that only the non-restricted ticket fares are allowed for online name changes. 

  • By Dialling Phone

The Allegiant Airlines Reservation Phone Number 1 (702) 505-8888 can assist you if you have a restricted ticket fare that will not allow you to do name changes online or if you are unfamiliar with making online changes. If the flight booking allows name changes, then the airline’s customer representative will check with you on the next available flight. The change fee will be charged and must be paid over the call with a credit or debit card.

  • At The Airport

The request for a flight name change or correction must be submitted at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. Because you may already have checked in, you will have to cancel & change the status of the ticket to open before proceeding further with the request for the flight name change.

Allegiant Airlines Name Change Fee

Each type of flight name change request has a fee associated with it, which is determined by the request type under the Allegiant Air Name Change Policy. Let’s look at the table below –

Name Change Requests of Various TypesFee for Changing Your Name
Correction up to the 4 letters in a name$225 + fare difference
Middle Name Correction/Change$225 + fare difference
Adding a title, suffix, or prefix$175 + fare difference

If needed: Allegiant Airlines Cancelation Policy

Allegiant Airlines Name Correction Policy

The term “name correction” refers to the process of correcting a typographical error or adding missing characters to a passenger’s name that has already been ticketed. The following criteria must be met to finish the name correction under Allegiant Air Name Correction Policy:

  1. Allegiant Air must operate and market the flight, and the ticket must have the stock number 014 on it.
  2. The name correction is only applicable to Allegiant Air flight segments.
  3. If the passenger needs to change his or her name within 24 hours of purchase, he or she must request Allegiant Airlines flight cancellation, request a refund, and then rebook the same flight with the new name.
  4. A name change occurs when the DOB and the name are changed and are subject to Allegiant Air’s name change policy.
  5. Minor name changes are permitted in the middle of a trip. Only if the name on the ticket matches the name on a government-issued identification card or passport.
  6. Changing the travel date, time, or destination is impossible when requesting a name correction.
  7. The gender and birth date cannot be changed simultaneously as the name. A separate request must be made for each of them.
  8. Only one reissue is allowed per ticket. 
  9. Any additional name corrections will be treated as name changes, and the airline will charge a penalty in addition to the fare difference.


Is it possible to change the name on an Allegiant flight ticket?

Yes, it is possible. This depends on what kind of name change request you make. Allegiant Airlines allows name corrections due to spelling errors and name changes due to marriage, divorce, and other circumstances if they can be supported by valid legal documentation. Changes to a ticket’s name that involves transferring to a different person are also prohibited.

How much does Allegiant charge to change or correct the name?

The airline charges between $175 and $225.

Is it necessary for the name on my identification to match the name on my ticket?

The name passengers enter should match the one on their photo ID issued by the government.

How do I change my Allegiant Air name?

This Allegiant airline’s official website can be used to make name changes or corrections. Log in to the site and go to the “My Trip” section to change the name. Otherwise, you can contact the customer service representatives by phone. Another viable option is to go to the airport and request name corrections.

If I recently married, can I change my name on my Allegiant ticket if I recently married?

Let’s say you booked a flight under your maiden name and need to change it. In that case, you must contact Allegiant Airlines before your departure date and present your marriage certificate and any other documentation as proof of your request.

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