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What Is Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy? – Process And Fee

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You must have come across a situation where you have a flight to board the next day, and suddenly you realize that your name on the ticket is misspelled. Some airlines create complications for you in such a situation. But this is different if you book a flight ticket with Lufthansa Airlines. The name change situation can easily be resolved under the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change policy. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and make the respective changes to your ticket.

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy: Essential Guidelines

To make respective changes to your ticket, you must follow the guidelines. Also, you can proceed with changes by paying the name change fee and ensuring the policy requirements.

  • A ticket should issue an LH document.
  • The passenger must possess an LH flight number, and the flight should be an operational flight of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Only a single correction is allowed on Lufthansa tickets.
  • Swapping of the passengers’ names doesn’t come under the Lufthansa Airlines name change policy.
  • Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy applies only to individual bookings.
  • The Lufthansa Airlines Name change process for group tickets depends on the contract.
  • The name change policy for Lufthansa Airlines tickets is not permitted in mixed PNR, including flight segments from different airlines.

What Does Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy Considers?

The policy states some conditions that the passengers need to ensure that they are following. 

  • The passengers can make a maximum of two corrections or changes, either in the middle, first, or last name.
  • Passengers can add up to two characters by adding or removing the middle name from their complete name through this policy.
  • If you legally underwent a name change process due to divorce, marriage, or adoption, you must show the legal documents for proof.
  • The airline allows one correction per ticket.
  • You can make changes to group travel tickets until the tickets issued. It will be free of charge.
  • Change in the legal name is for free on Lufthansa Airlines despite the ticket being already issued.
  • You have no permission to add, remove, or correct suffixes and prefixes in your name.
  • Whatever name change you make must resemble the government-authorized ID proof and passport.
  • If the booking was made via a third-party travel agency, you must contact the agency for the name change process instead of contacting the airline.
  • Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy does not allow the name change if the PNR includes the passenger’s frequent flyer code. It cannot be deleted, and passengers have to go for a new reservation.
  • Passengers cannot swap names from one person to another on a Lufthansa Airlines ticket.
  • You can not go through the name change process if you purchase the ticket on the same day as of departure day.
  • According to Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy, changing the name will only be possible if there is a frequent flyer code in the PNR. Therefore, cancel the PNR and create a new one.
  • If the flight is a mix of other airlines, create a new PNR to avoid issues. Cancel the flight and rebook it with an applicable fare difference for charges of $200.

Different Types of Name Changes Permitted by Lufthansa Airlines

There are a few types of name change aspects that Lufthansa Airlines allows its passengers to move ahead. From shifting or swapping or even fixing the spellings, the airline allows the following name changes on its flight tickets.

Minor Name Change

Correcting the spellings in the first, middle, and last name comes under a minor name change process. As per the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Policy, passengers can change their name up to two characters only for free.

Types of Lufthansa Airlines Name Change

Legal Name Change

Suppose your name has been changed due to divorce, marriage, adoption, or any other legal change. Hence, you will be permitted to proceed with the Lufthansa Airlines Name Change service. The Airlines might take a long time to go through the provided documents for a legal name change process. The procedure will be lengthy as a whole.

Prefix or Suffix Name Change

Under the Lufthansa Airlines Name Correction Policy, passengers cannot add or remove prefixes and suffixes in their names. Suffixes and prefixes like Sr. or Jr. not allowed.

Inverted Name Change

During the booking process, it is not at all common for passengers to enter their first and last names in place. These types of errors can be fixed free of cost.

All these above-mentioned name change details should match the passengers’ government-approved ID cards and passports.

What Is The Name Change Procedure On Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines provides three modes through which you can follow up with Lufthansa Airlines’ name change policy. The three modes are Online, Offline modes, and Via phone calls.

Use Manage My Booking to Change Name

In this mode, the airline accepts the corrections on the online platform. For the respective procedure, you need to go through the following steps.

  • First, you have to visit the Lufthansa Airlines official website of the Airline.
  • Now, search and go for the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab present on the home page.
  • Move ahead and enter the booking number along with the family name.
  • You will get to see a list of flights if you click on the ‘Get Flights’ tab.
  • Select the booking for which you want to make changes in your name.
  • If you are eligible, you have to pay the service fee.
  • Once done, you will receive a confirmation mail on your mail ID with which you made the booking.

At the Airport Counter 

Some passengers are uncomfortable using online mode to make required changes to their booking. If this is the situation with you, then proceed with the offline mode. 

  •  Reach the airport in time so that you can avail the airline’s customer service assistance.
  • Contact the staff members available at your service’s counter and convey your name change issue on the ticket to them. Request them to proceed in resolving the issue.
  • You have to share all the flight-related details like reference ID, ticket number, flight name, etc.
  • Once the agent finds out about the booking, share the name change issue you want them to resolve.
  • Address them with a valid reason regarding the name change issue.
  • To request the name change process, provide the service providers with legal and travel documents.
  • Proceed to pay the applicable name change fee with the fare difference.

Via Phone Call

You can even connect with the customer service agent through the toll-free helpline number of Lufthansa Airlines for the name change procedure. 

  • You need to keep a few things, like the booking reference number and ticket confirmation number, handy while talking to the agent.
  • The passengers also get assistance related to issues like flight cancellations, flight confirmation, minor policies, etc.
  • Therefore, you can connect with the customer service provider through the toll-free official helpline number of the airline, i.e.,1800 102 5838

Lufthansa Airlines Name Change Fee

There will be no fees applied if the name correction on the ticket will done within 24 hours of departure time. Before issuance of a ticket, you have the liberty to make as many changes as you want for free. The name change fee of Lufthansa Airlines includes fare difference, and it ranges from $100 to $250. So all you need to do is make sure you haven’t issued the ticket for making corrections without paying any fee. The only fee you will pay depends on the fare difference.

Is It Possible To Transfer Ticket To Another Person On Lufthansa Airlines?

No, Lufthansa Airline doesn’t allow ticket transfer from one person to another, i.e., no swapping of names. This is because it may lead to the boarding of phony passengers, which might be risky for other passengers. The airline doesn’t play with the security of the passengers. If you want another passenger’s travel, you must first cancel the ticket completely and entirely. Now book a new flight ticket for the respective passenger.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the name on my Lufthansa ticket?

Yes, you can go for the name change process very easily on Lufthansa Airlines. It can be free if you do the corrections before the ticket gets issuance.

Can a travel agent change the name on my Lufthansa ticket?

If you made your booking with a travel agent, then you need to contact the agent directly. Try to get the assistance from the airline itself. The name change fee will vary between the agent’s fee and the one offered by the airline.

What documents do we need to claim the Lufthansa Airline name change?

The documents you need to possess before moving ahead with Lufthansa Airlines’ name change policy. 

  • Government-issued ID proof or passport.
  • Legal documents like divorce agreements, marriage certificates, and travel documents.
  • Passport and VISA.
  • Name change request receipt.

How to change my name on Lufthansa Miles?

To change your name on Miles and more accounts, you have to send the official document issued by a public authority showcasing your old and new name. This will help the airline in making the required changes to your profile.

How to contact Lufthansa Airlines?

For customer service support, you can contact Lufthansa Airlines via their official toll-free helpline number, i.e., (800) 645 3880. The agents will provide you with the best assistance.

Does United own Lufthansa Airlines?

Yes, United Airlines and Lufthansa Airlines are codeshare partners. Both these airlines operate, market, and sell flights for each other. These are the members of Star Alliance.

How much does Lufthansa charge for a name change?

However, there will be no fees applied if the name correction on the ticket will done within 24 hours of departure time. After 24 hours of booking, the name change fee of Lufthansa Airlines includes a fare difference, and it ranges from $100 to $250.

What is the process for changing the name of Lufthansa Airlines?

Lufthansa Airlines provides three methods by which you can change your name with Lufthansa Airlines. The three methods are Online, Offline, and Via phone calls.

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