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What are the Tips and Tricks for Turkish Airlines Name Change?

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Turkish Airlines is known for its world-class service, making you feel at home in the sky. Before enjoying the airlines, you just learned that there is an error in your name, and this mistake can spoil your whole mood. Yes, it might be chaotic, and you might be searching for the process and details. Yet, with Turkish Airlines Name Change service you will be able to enjoy the world-class service by following the steps.

What are the Guidelines under Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy?

Turkish Airlines offers an easy name-change policy to all its passengers. Before jumping into the procedure, here are some essential guidelines to learn about the Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy.

  • If you want a cost-free name change on Turkish Airlines, it is only possible within 24 hours of your reservation or purchasing the tickets.
  • On Turkish Airlines, the name change policy only considers minor corrections in the name, not the full name.
  • A name change cannot be done if you are already done with the check-in.
  • A passenger can only change up to 4 characters in the full name.
  • According to Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy, if you change your name after 24 hours of purchasing the ticket, then the charges will apply and may vary for all.
  • You can change the name until one hour before the flight departure. 
  • If tickets are booked via a third-party platform, contact the agency for the name change, not Turkish Airlines.
  • The passengers can only make the change one’s under the name change procedure.
  • However, the name change is also allowed if you change after divorce, marriage, etc., just by providing the official certificate.
  • At the time of the name change, provide all government-issued documents for the correction.
  • Turkish Airlines allows passengers to change their name through online or offline methods. 
  • The name correction only applies to tickets issued on TK documents and must be operated by Turkish Airlines.

Various Types of Name Change or Correction Policy in Turkish Reservations

Turkish Airlines’ name change on the tickets considers some critical points that must be fulfilled.

Change of Name in Legal Conditions

Turkish Airlines, under its name change policy, does take some requests for name correction if there is any divorce, marriage, adoption, etc. Some crucial aspects that need to be considered are as follows:

  • The passengers need to provide all the documents issued by the government with self-attested copies.
  • In the case of Marriage, you must provide adequate marriage proof, such as a marriage certificate and a government-issued document stating the name before and after marriage.
  • If you are Divorced, then you must take your Divorce Certificate with all the Government IDs for the name change.

If Turkish Airlines does not consider these conditions, then you might need to book your ticket again.

Minor Changes in the Name

Sometimes, by mistake, you misspell your name. Because of this minor change, you need to face some significant issues. Here are some terms that can help to make changes in your name hassle-free. 

  • Turkish Airlines allows changing the first/middle/last name but only up to 4 characters.
  • Under the Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy, you cannot add or remove prefixes and suffixes in the names—for example, Sr. or Jr.
  • Airlines allow minor changes under the inverted name change for all passengers.

What is the Procedure to Change the Name on Turkish Airlines?

However, you can change your name due to spelling mistakes or change your last name up to one hour before departure on Turkish Airlines. However, it can be done through the official website, phone call, social media, or at the airport.

Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy

Online Process for Name Change in Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines does offer the name correction service in online mode. Sit at home, relax, and follow these steps to avoid queues.

By Visiting the official website for Name Change in Turkish Airlines

  • Visit the official website of Turkish Airlines, i.e., “
  • Go to the Homepage and click on the Manage Booking Tab.
  • Enter the six-digit ticket or booking reference numbers, followed by the traveler’s last name.
  • Click to proceed and submit your details.
  • You will be redirected to the page with all your relevant flight details.
  • Click on the “Change Option” and modify your field.
  • Double-check it and click on Save.
  • Further, you must pay the additional name fees (if applicable) to complete the process.

Turkish Airlines will notify you on your registered mail or phone number about your Turkish Airlines Name Change Policy updates.

By Contacting Turkish Airlines over Social Media

Nowadays, every airline does consider requests over all social media platforms. You can easily visit the official page and make a query about the name change, name correction, etc.

Turkish Airlines Name Change can quickly be done over their official social media platform.

Assistance over a Call

  • It is the best method to avoid any miscommunication. You can contact the Turkish Airline Manage Booking Team or dial 08000501565.
  • The executive will answer the phone and ask for some details. So, to avoid any last-time hassle, make sure to keep your ticket or reference number handy.
  • Provide all the necessary government-approved documents to your respective executive.
  • Follow all the instructions and pay the applicable name change fee if asked.

Assistance through the Airport Counter

Moreover, you can make changes to your name on Turkish Airlines by making a gentle request at the respective airline counter.

  • Passengers can visit their nearest airport counter if there is any correction in the name.
  • You can quickly rectify the mistake by providing all the necessary details like government documents and ID proof.

How Much Does the Turkish Airlines Name Change Cost?

If you want to avail any service related to the name change, then there are always fees you need to pay. However, Turkish Airlines does offer a name change on tickets for free for the first 24 hours after buying the ticket. Here are some aspects you need to consider for the cost of a name change.

  • In some cases, Turkish Airlines also charges up to 140$.
  • The applicable fees may vary irrespective of the cabin, fare type, service class, location you are traveling, and the time of request.

Guidelines Under Turkish Airlines Name Change for Miles and Smiles Membership Holders

Turkish Miles and Smiles Membership Holders can easily change their name on their ticket. All they need to do is follow this step.

  • Go to the official website of Turkish Airlines. 
  • Go to the Homepage and locate Help Centre in the Help tab.
  • Click on “Contact Us” and fill in the feedback form.
  • Now go to “Miles & Smiles.”
  • Sign in to your membership ID with a password.
  • Afterward, click on the “name change request” and fill in your correction in the name change.
  • Complete your feedback form and provide all the necessary government-approved documents.
  • If there is more than one passenger, choose the details of all the passengers and fill in the correction.
  • By providing and filling in all the details, Turkish Airlines will get you updated by mail regarding your name change.

Can you Transfer Your Airline Ticket to Another Person?

No, transferring your ticket to another person on Turkish Airlines is impossible. The Airlines only allow name changes within a given time. It is also advisable that the name on your ticket should exactly match your official government document.

Rather than looking to transfer the ticket, you can opt for the Turkish Airlines ticket cancellation policy. By this, you may get a refund for your flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Turkish Airlines have any name change policy?

Yes, Turkish Airlines do offer a name-change policy. You can easily change your name either offline or online by filling in the correction in the name, and you also need to provide self-attested government-approved documents.

How to Change Name on Turkish Airlines Ticket?

Turkish Airlines’ name change policy states that for correction in the name change, you can visit their official website or call or visit the respective airport counter and provide them with all necessary detail related to the flight and the official documents.

Can the Turkish Airlines ticket be transferred to another person?

No, it is not possible to transfer your ticket to any other person. So, if you want to change the name, then you have to cancel the booking and make a new reservation. You can directly visit the Turkish Airlines Flight Cancellation policy and opt for a refund within 24 hours of your reservation.

How much is the cost for Name Change or Correction In Turkish Airlines?

However, no charges will be applied if you apply for the name change within 24 hours of reservation. After that, you need to pay a certain price for the name change, irrespective of your fair type, service class, etc.

Is it possible to change the full name in Turkish Airlines under its name change policy?

Turkish Airlines do offer name changes in the first, middle, and surname, but only up to 4 characters Therefore, you cannot make full name changes.

Do Turkish Airlines permit name changes due to marriage or divorce?

Yes, the name change is allowed if there are any legal conditions like marriage, divorce, or adoption. All you need to do is visit their official website and provide all the certificates related to marriage, divorce, or adoption.

How do you change or correct the name under the Smiles And Miles membership program?

  • You can visit to help center located on the official website.
  • Sign in to your membership account.
  • Fill in the feedback form present in the Contact Us section.
  • Send all your necessary government-approved documents.

Can I undergo the Turkish Airlines name change policy after check-in?

No, it is not possible to undergo the name change after check-in and also if you are left with one hour from the departure flight.

What are all the documents for the name change in Turkish Airlines?

Here is the list of documents that you need at the time of name change.

  • Government-approved IDs.
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate

Can I change the name on the same day of my flight?

Yes, changing or correcting your name on the same day is possible by paying some additional fees. However, it is not possible if you have already checked in.

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