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United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance: Adding Accessibility to Your Flight

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Do you or a member of your family require a wheelchair? If this is the case, you don’t have to be worried about it. United Airlines values every passenger. Therefore, it ensures that no PWD has any problem while flying. United Airlines also strives to provide convenient and comfortable services to all its passengers, including those with disabilities. During your flight, you can request United Airlines wheelchair assistance if you or your family member requires it. Moreover, you can request a wheelchair online or offline from the airlines to feel comfortable during the flight.

Accommodations for Passengers with Disabilities

If any passenger needs United Airlines wheelchair assistance or any other special assistance, they can request it at the time of booking. However, passengers are advised to seek this service as soon as possible to get assured benefits. Though United Airlines does not ask for details about the level of your disability, you must provide necessary and relevant information. That will improve your chances of getting support and the appropriate amount of attention. Furthermore, giving the airlines enough information allows them to make everything available to you according to your requirements. They also demand that you notify them at least 48 hours before the flight’s departure.

Wheelchair Options on United Airlines Flights

The Airport Onboard Wheelchairs 

You can utilize the wheelchairs available in all United Airlines airports if you have a disability. You should, however, request a wheelchair well in advance of your departure date. Calling United Airlines’ Accessibility Desk is the most accessible approach. Speak with a representative when you arrive at the airport and inform them of your request. If the airport has a skycap service, it might also assist you.

Accessible boarding

Jet bridges are not always available at international and domestic airports. For deboarding and boarding at certain stations, mechanical lifts, a passenger assisting lift, ramp, or stairlift that airline staff carries (in international locations only) may be used.

Aisle wheelchairs

Aisle wheelchairs are also available for transporting non-ambulatory passengers to and from their seats on the flight.

Adding Wheelchair Assistance on United Reservation 

To add a wheelchair assistance facility, you must call within 48 hours of flight departure.

  1. Visit the official website of United Airlines. 
  2. Then click Contact Us. 
  3. Take the helpline number – (1-800-228-1744). 
  4. Dial the customer care number and follow IVR guidelines.
  5. Press 9th IVR and talk to the representative.
  6. Provide the details of the disabled passenger. 
  7. You will get the wheelchair arranged before you arrive at the airport.

Guidelines To Use Your Wheelchair On United Airlines

If you have your wheelchair, follow the guidelines below to use it on your United Airlines flight.

  1. You can use your wheelchair or other assistive aids for free when flying at United Airlines Or the official website of United Airlines.
  2. They accept manual and powered wheelchairs and scooters, folding and non-folding, and collapsible models.
  3. Collapsible wheelchairs can be stored in the cabin, while others will be held in the cargo compartment.
  4. Before receiving a United Airlines wheelchair Assistance to assist them during their journey, passengers must check their bags and wheelchair at the counter or traveling gate.
  5. Fill out the wheelchair information card online to make the checking procedure go faster and more securely:
    • Select “Travel Information” on the official website
    • Click on “Customers with Disabilities” under “Special Travel Needs.”
    • Click on the “Customer Wheelchair Information” link.
    • Fill in your first and last name.
    • Give us the serial number of your chair.
    • Select whether you want a “Manual” or “Powered” chair.
    • Choose whether the batteries are “spillable,” “non-spillable,” or “Lithium.”
    • Mention how much your chair weighs.
    • To show whether it’s key-operated, select “Yes” or “No.”
    • If “yes,” specify the location of the ignition.
    • Clarify how the brakes are locked and unlocked.
    • Any parts that can be folded or compressed should be described.
    • Mention any parts that can be removed.
    • If you’re bringing any of these items to the cabin, mention them.
    • Give details on whether or not any tools are required.
    • Any other important instructions if needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I request United Airlines wheelchair assistance?

You can request United Airlines wheelchair assistance or other assistance on while booking your flight. If you still have queries, then for additional assistance, you can call the Accessibility Desk at 1-800-228-2744.

How do I book a flight with wheelchair assistance?

You must submit your request when booking/reservation if you want to request a wheelchair. But if you wish to bring your wheelchair, inform the airline authorities. The information includes weight, size, and type of wheelchair at the time of booking/reservation.

Can airlines ask for proof of disability?

In general, airline staff is not permitted to inquire about the person’s specific handicap. Still, they inquire about their capacity to do particular air travel-related duties, such as boarding, walking through the airport, or deplaning.

How does airport special assistance or United Airlines wheelchair assistance work?

When flying by air as a passenger with a disability or postural instability, you are legally entitled to help, often known as ‘Special Assistance.’ That means that airports and airlines must provide free aid and assistance to guarantee a less stressful journey.

Are there handicapped bathrooms on airplanes?

No airline restroom will be large enough to accommodate a standard-size wheelchair. Wheelchair users will be seated on the plane using an aisle chair, which is narrow enough to pass the corridor that separates the rows.

Does a wheelchair count as luggage?

No, your baggage allowance does not include assistive equipment. However, if your suitcase contains personal things, the airline may count it toward a baggage limit, and you may be charged a baggage tax.

Is there any fee to add a wheelchair on United Airlines?

No, United Airlines does not charge any fee for adding a wheelchair while booking the flight. Moreover, you must inform the airline at least 48 hours before departure. 

Which types of wheelchair assistance does United provide?

United Airlines offers you wheelchair assistance from the point you enter the airport to your flight seat. Thus, the options you get are aisle wheelchairs, accessible boarding, and airport onboard wheelchairs.