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United Economy vs. Basic Economy

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United Economy vs. Basic Economy

This blog makes an in-depth comparison between the United Economy and the Basic Economy. The comparison (United Economy vs. Basic Economy), considers all the pros and cons from every perspective. Thus for a better understanding of both the products of United, you don’t need to go anywhere because it has everything you need to consider.

It is always pleasant to travel, but staying within budget is an important consideration. When it comes to flights, there is no denying that they are costly. But everyone wants to get the best deal possible. Therefore, every airline tends to have budget-friendly tickets. You may not feel the need to understand the distinctions between United’s basic economy and economy tickets. However, when selecting to fly with United, you should know a few significant characteristics.

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United Economy vs. Basic Economy – Overview

United Economy is the standard airline flight ticket fare, and it’s typically more expensive than the basic economy fare. Here’s a summary of what the United Economy and Basic Economy flight ticket fares include:

EconomyBasic Economy
– Ability to upgrade to Economy Plus seats with extra legroom.

– You may check-in online or using the app.

– Costly in comparison.

– A carry-on bag measuring 22 x 14 x 9 inches is included.

– A personal item that must be able to fit under the seat.

– On eligible tickets, a refund is offered.

– There is no problem with being the last to board the plane.

– The maximum hand baggage capacity is around 70 liters (2 bags).

– It is included to select your desired seat.
– There are no Economy Plus options available.

– If you don’t pay for checked bags, you won’t be allowed to check in online or use the app.

– Each journey is $20 – $30 less expensive.

– There is no carry-on allowed.

– Only one personal item 17 x 10 x 9 inches, is permitted.

– There will be no refunds or flight changes allowed.

– Unless they are a MileagePlus Premier member, passengers with Basic Economic tickets will board last.

– The maximum hand baggage capacity is approximately 25 liters (1 bag).

– It is an additional expense to choose your favorite seats.

Although the titles may sound similar, these two forms of fares are not the same. United’s basic economy tickets come with fewer benefits than a main cabin economy price.

Are United Airlines Economy & Basic Economy Fares Similar?

There are 2 types of Economy tickets available with United Airlines – Basic Economy & Economy. In comparison to first-class & business tickets, both tickets are inexpensive. However, the Basic Economy & Economy fares have pricing and benefit variations. However, there has always been a misunderstanding concerning the two economic bundles.

  • Basic Economy Fare on United Airlines

Basic Economy is the most affordable option. This ticket offers the very basic service of a flight with few additions. You can use the transportation service but do not have the choice of selecting a seat. These tickets, however, are only available for local & short-haul overseas flights.

Amenities and Restrictions – Basic Economy

  1. Personal items
  • Each individual is only permitted to bring 1 personal item.
  • The personally authorized item also has size restrictions.
  • Mobility aids and medical and assistive gadgets are also allowed.
  • Carry-on items such as handbags, laptop bags, and shoulder bags are permitted.
  • It must be tiny enough to fit the seat next to you, preferably 17x10x9 inches or less.
  1. Seat Selection
  • Before boarding, you will be given a seat.
  • Once allocated, you will not be able to select your preferred seat.
  • You may reserve a seat before checking in, but it is not free.
  • Group seating is not available unless you pay an additional fee for preferred seats adjacent to one other.
  1. Refund
  • Your ticket will not be reimbursed unless you cancel within the 24 hrs flexible flight booking policy.
  • If you miss a flight or wish to change your destination, tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable once purchased.
  • Upgrades to basic economy tickets are now possible after purchase.
  1. Full-Size carry items
  • Unless you are a MileagePlus Premier member and a Star Alliance Gold member, you are not permitted to bring a full-size carry-on bag.
  • Except for the 1 personal item permitted, no full-sized carry-on is allowed.
  • The price of a United Basic Economic carry-on bag is included in the ticket price, and the bag must fit in the overhead cabin or the seat storage compartment.

Economy Fare on United Airlines

Economy flight fares are quite more pricey than Basic Economy flight tickets, but they are also less costly than other flight tickets. This ticket is a few bucks more expensive than Basic Economy, but it comes with more benefits. Passengers have access to a variety of in-flight facilities and services.

Amenities and Restrictions – Economy

  1. Personal Items
  • There is no restriction on how many personal goods you can bring.
  • However, the items you bring in should fit in the under-seat storage. 
  • Personal items should be no larger than 17x10x9 inches in length and width.
  • Passengers can carry personal belongings like handbags, laptops, purses, and bags.
  • Onboard use of medical assistance equipment is authorized.
  1. Seat Selection
  • With United Basic Economy, you may select your preferred seat at no additional cost.
  • Unlike Basic Economy, you may choose your seat for free.
  • At check-in, you can also purchase Economy Plus tickets.
  1. Refund
  • In the case of a cancellation, United Economy offers a refund or a rebooking.
  • There are no additional fees for rebooking a flight.
  • Passengers have additional options at the official website of United Airlines or the Offline process when it comes to rebooking tickets.
  1. Food & Beverages
  • In-flight eating & beverage options are plentiful on United Airlines.
  • On some flights, you can purchase additional meals.
  • Freshly cooked meals to pre-packaged snack packs are among the options.
  • Alcohol, such as beer, wine, and spirits, is available for purchase on all flights.
  1. Entertainment
  • United Economy passengers have access to various free & paid in-flight entertainment options.
  • Each flight offers various entertainment options, which you can find on their app or website under the Inflight Amenities category.
  • An Inflight magazine, Direct TV, a United private screening, audio entertainment, and United Wi-Fi are among the entertainment options.


They are both United Airlines’ pricing categories. In terms of facilities and limits, they are somewhat different, although they are quite similar in a few aspects. We hope this blog helps to resolve all your queries regarding the United Economy vs. the Basic Economy. Passengers can choose the fare type after reading and understanding all of the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does “100% refundable” mean in the United Economy?

When you buy a refundable ticket from United Airlines, you can cancel your flight at any time and not be charged a fee. The original ticket price will be refunded in full. Keep in mind that refundable tickets are sometimes more expensive than non-refundable tickets.

Is it possible to upgrade from Basic Economy to Economy?

The airline’s basic economy rates may now be upgraded after purchase, allowing travelers to cancel or rearrange their bookings and apply credits for future travel.

Does the basic economy on United Airlines get food?

The flexibility to pre-select seats is included with the basic economy. Food and beverages are included in the flight, and meals can be purchased separately.

Is it okay for someone to bring a backpack to United Basic Economy?

When flying on a United Airlines basic economy ticket, you are permitted to bring a backpack.

Can I bring a backpack to United as a personal item?

The answer is that a backpack may be considered a personal item. The main thing to remember about airline personal things is that almost any bag may be used as long as it fits within the dimensions of the personal item.

What is the difference between the Basic Economy and the United Economy?

United Economy is the standard airline flight ticket fare and is more expensive than the basic economy fare. In basic economy, it offers the very basic service of a flight with few additions. Whereas, the United Economy has a lot more services to offer. 

Can I select a seat in the basic economy?

No, in basic economy fare, you cannot choose the seat. During check-in, the airline team will alot the seats as per the availability. 

How many bags are allowed in the United Economy?

There is no restriction on how many personal goods you can bring. However, the items you bring in should fit in the under-seat storage. Moreover, personal items should be no larger than 17x10x9 inches in length and width.

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