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United Airlines First Class Features – Fee, Upgrade, and Policy

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united airlines first class features

In this blog, we will discuss United Airlines First Class Features.

Traveling feeds positivity to your soul and adds a lovely experience to your life that you can never have while staying at home. Although many people choose traveling to have some break from their busy lifestyle, it is a passion for a few. Whatever your reason for traveling is, your air travel should always be as comfortable as possible.

Thus keeping in mind the comfort during air travel, if you plan to fly United Airlines first-class, then reading about its features may help you decide whether you should really fly United first-class or not. However, if you have already decided, you can still read this blog to learn what United Airlines’ first-class offers. 

In this blog, we will discuss United Airlines First Class Features. And that is going to help you so much because you give importance to inflight comfort, and there is nothing as comfortable as United Airlines’ first class.

United Airlines First Class Features 

All the features of United first class are mentioned below.

United Airlines First Class Features at Airport

  • United Airlines ensures a smooth start to your journey;
  • You get the premium access check-in facility;
  • You don’t have to pay to check your baggage up to a specific limit; and,
  • You are given priority in the process of handing baggage items over to the passengers after landing.

First Class In-flight Features 

  1. Seats and Space:
  • Premium seats;
  • Extremely comfortable customized recliner seats;
  • Extra leg space; and,
  • Can get the best sleep in the sky experience.
  1. The gadget-friendly atmosphere:
  • There will be electronically operated dividers to ensure privacy.
  • Further, each seat has a 16-inch HD monitor for passenger entertainment.
  • There will be a collapsible tray table that you can use while using laptops,  palmtops, reading books, or having your meal.
  • In addition to that, United Airlines first-class features an amazing flip-up mobile device holder and a few charging slots.
  • You can purchase Wi-Fi on select aircraft if you need it.
  1. Food and Beverages Facility  
  • First of all, you will be welcomed with a relieving cup of coffee.
  • Second, you will be provided with a proper multi-course pre-flight meal. Juice, water, freshly brewed coffee, wine, juices, soft drinks, etc.
  • Third, United airline’s first-class feature includes a new addition of regional and seasonal specialties on the menu.
  • Moreover, you will have a pleasant restaurant-like dining experience, enjoy alcoholics and chill in the cozy bedding.
  1. Amenities Onboard 
  • On feeling sleepy, you can just slip into your seat and turn on “do-not-disturb.”
  • You are provided with a cooling gel pillow to reduce the cradle and reduce the heat of your neck and head in the right way—proper bedding, including a throw blanket, soft and cozy pillow, and mattress cushion.
  1. Entertainment 
  • Audio Entertainment- Relish relaxing music while connecting the provided headset/earphones.
  • While traveling on United Airlines, you get free access to their in-flight magazine, which has specific beats of sports, food, drinks, fashion, and culture. 

But some of these facilities are only applicable on long-haul international flights. 

United Policies: United Airlines Basic Economy Refund

How Can You Upgrade Your Tickets to First Class?

If you have already booked your tickets and seeking an upgrade, then you have to be a Mileage Plus member or else be one. If you are already a member of the MileagePlus program, you just need to use your miles to upgrade the tickets and enjoy a better travel experience.  


What is included in a first-class flight to United?

There are several benefits of traveling in first class. The main feature is comfort traveling. It includes Priority baggage handling, unlimited beverages, multi-course dining, Wi-Fi on the requirement, etc. For more detailed information, refer to the blog.

Do you get free drinks in the first class?

You get a complimentary beverage if you board first class on United Airlines, but alcohol is served only to passengers above 21. 

Do United first-class seats recline?

Yes, the seats can be reclined. And you will feel cozy while traveling. 

Does United first class have a Lounge?

Yes, if you are traveling internationally in first class, you can access the United Airlines lounges. 

Can you bring food on a plane?

Solid edibles are permitted to be carried. But liquids are highly avoidable, especially in check-in bags.

Is first class worth it on short flights?

If you are traveling for short distances, then it is not worth traveling in first class as it is expensive and a lot of features won’t be acceptable on your end as it is a short journey. 

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