When we choose to travel via air, we look for an airline that will provide us with the best services. Not to forget, we want to make sure we travel with comfort from the day we make the bookings till we reach our destination. So after a gap of many years, I finally decided to visit my favorite destination with delta airlines first class. 

Before this, I had never boarded a flight with delta airlines and was confused. However, I heard a lot of good reviews about this airline and its first-class from my close friends. So, I finally decided to choose this one for my flight this time. 

In the past, I chose airlines that did not provide the services I was looking for. So, this time it was more difficult for me to select another new airline for my air travel. But I am glad that I had the best flight of my life with delta airlines first class. 

Let us first learn about the amenities that I enjoyed at the airport when I chose this class of delta airlines.

Delta Airlines First-Class Airport Facilities-

I was worried about safety because we all are aware traveling in times of COVID has not been easy. But choosing delta airlines first class was the right option. There were a lot of facilities which were there at the airport for the passengers of this class. Go to the points given below and find out about the amenities I received at the airport- 

  • Sanitization 

First and foremost, an essential facility will look for in these times is the sanitizing stations at the airport. To make sure each individual travels safely, there were sanitizing stations located at the airport. Furthermore, they were not just one or two but many sanitizing stations. 

  • Contactless boarding 

In addition to these sanitizing centers, contactless boarding was another facility that made the process time-saving and hassle-free. Delta airlines took this step to minimize physical contact. Flyers were asked to scan their boarding pass. Furthermore, individuals who chose delta airlines first class could use the phone application to complete the boarding process. 

  • Care kits 

Moreover, the travelers of first-class of delta airlines were provided care kits. These kits had face covers and masks, ensuring each traveled safely. Also, one could pick up these kits from the gate. 

In-Flight Amenities in Delta Airlines First Class- 

Once you complete the whole process at the airport, the next thing is all about the services and facilities one receives in flight. In my opinion, all the facilities that these airline offers are way too good. Whether it was entertainment options or any personalized service, they were perfect. 

Go through the points below and know the facilities that made my flight comfortable-

  • Enough space 

First and foremost, the most crucial reason people choose the first class of any airline is to get enough space. Delta airlines made sure there was enough legroom for all their Flyers. This made my flight much more relaxing and comfortable. In the past, I have chosen airlines that did not have enough legroom and made my flight a little uncomfortable. In the first class of delta airlines, there were about extra 8 inches of legroom. Moreover, the recline was 50% more than the seats in the main cabin. 

  •  Priority services

Another good thing about choosing the first class of delta airlines was the availability of sky priority services. There is no doubt what a troublesome process check-in can be. So, to make sure this whole procedure was hassle-free I chose the first class of this airline. The entire procedure of check-in was so quick and hassle-free. Moreover, whether it was baggage or security, I could do everything quickly. 

  • Connectivity 

Apart from all the other facilities, I loved traveling in the first class of delta airlines because of the availability of good Wi-Fi. In the past, a lot of my work got stuck because of the unavailability of a good Wi-Fi connection. However, this time, it wasn’t the same. However, I continued to be productive even when I was on a flight. 

  • Luggage facilities 

Lastly, delta airlines first-class provided me with enough luggage facilities. Firstly, I got two checked baggage without paying any fee, and secondly, the delivery of the baggage was done in no time for the individuals traveling in the first class. 

What About Food and Beverages in Delta Airlines First Class? 

There is no doubt how important it is to get delicious food on your flight. And I will be honest that food was one of the things which I thought needed a slight improvement in delta airlines first class. Though it was not so bad, it could have been a little tastier. On the other hand, the beverages were amazing. Furthermore, there were a lot of choices, and people had the freedom to choose from the huge list of food and beverages. 

Moreover, another good thing about this airline is it allows its passengers to bring some non-alcoholic drinks and food items. Also, as my flight covered 900 to 1500 miles, so I was eligible to get flight fuel boxes in addition to the snacks. So, this made the whole flight much better. 

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Areas of Improvement in Delta Airlines First Class-

Undoubtedly, my overall experience of traveling in the first class of delta airlines was excellent. However, there is always a scope for improvement. The points given below will let you know about the things which the team of delta airlines can work on- 

  • In my opinion, the quality of food could get a little better. I won’t say the food was tasteless, but it could have been much better. 
  • Furthermore, another thing that needs improvement is the charges set by this airline for Wi-Fi. As mentioned above, the Wi-Fi connectivity was terrific, but its cost was a little higher.   

This was all about my experience of traveling in delta airlines first class. If you are a flyer looking to make it possible for them to have the best flight of their lives, this is the right choice for you. Furthermore, through all the information above, you will learn about the facilities and amenities you will enjoy when you choose this airline. I hope you will have the best flight of your life with delta airlines.