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Making a mistake while booking a flight is a common occurrence, and sometimes it can be a simple mistake like a typo in the passenger’s name. In such cases, airlines like Southwest Airlines allow passengers to change the name on their ticket. However, it’s important to know the rules, procedures, and fees involved in making a name change on a Southwest Airlines booking. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Southwest Airlines name change policy, including the guidelines, procedures, and fees. So, whether you made a typo or had a legal name change, read on to learn how to modify your name on a Southwest Airlines ticket hassle-free.

Who doesn’t like to fly? We for sure do; it isn’t apparent that flying at 830 mph inside a metal tube is the safest option out there. Ironically, it is. And all you need to do is, pick a destination, book a ticket, etc.

And, with so many people traveling on flights daily, many of you are bound to make mistakes. After all, it’s a numbers game; there is a good chance that you might put your name wrong in all the hassle.

Well, what to do now? After all, the TSA is not known for its sense of humor. Thus, we arrive at our point, don’t be hopeless because Southwest has a solution for you.

In case a passenger enters an incorrect name, they have two options to amend that. Therefore, let’s discuss:

  • Firstly, what is the Southwest Name Change?
  • Secondly, what options do Southwest Passengers Have for Name Change?
  • Lastly, some FAQs.

What is the Southwest Airlines Name Change Service?

In short, Southwest Airlines Name Change service allows passengers to amend their names on the ticket. Also, this service allows the passengers two types of amendments, with different processes. In addition to that, there are different fees & guidelines for both & eligible criteria.

Therefore, let us first discuss the types of changes that passengers can make to tickets.

Types of Name Amendments

In short, depending on the type of error, passengers have two ways to amend their names:

Name Correction – In case there is a minor error, the passenger can apply for a name correction. In order to do this, the passenger has to access their reservation. Also, this is a pretty basic process & also charges free.

Name Change – However, if the passenger has made a significant mistake, they have to request a change. Although it is rare, it can happen in cases like:

  • Firstly, human error
  • Secondly, the passenger’s name is legally changed after booking, etc.

Also, this is a bit more complex than name correction and can only be done through the official Southwest channels.

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How to Perform a Name Amendment on Southwest Airlines?

Now that you know the types of name amendments available, you need to know how to do them. Therefore, below we have given a step-by-step guide on how to perform each of them through different channels.

Name Correction

In short, passengers have two channels to make name corrections to their fare.

  • Website
    • Firstly, visit the official website for Southwest Airlines.
    • Secondly, click on the header tab & select Manage Reservations under Flight.
    • Thirdly, fill in your booking information & click on Search.
      • Confirmation Number
      • First Name
      • Last Name
    • Once the website retrieves your reservation, click on Change Name.
  • Mobile Application
    • Firstly, download & install the Southwest Airlines mobile app.
    • Secondly, tap open the app & tap on the menu icon in the top left corner.
    • Thirdly, select the Manage Reservation option to access your booking.
    • Then, fill in your booking details & tap on the Search button.
      • Confirmation #
      • Passenger’s First Name
      • Passenger’s Last Name
    • After that, tap on the amend/edit icon next to the passenger’s name.
    • Then, amend your name & tap on save.

Once done, the airline will send you a confirmation email to acknowledge your request. And once your request is processed, the airline will reissue your ticket with the corrected name.

Name Change

In case you need to change your name, then you have 3-options to get the name changed. Thus, let’s discuss them all below,

  • Rebook – In case you’ve made a significant error & have booked the ticket within the last 24 hours. Then, you can just cancel & rebook your ticket with the correct name.
    • Firstly, visit the official Southwest website & access the Manage Reservations.
    • Secondly, fill in your booking information & retrieve your reservation.
    • Then, select the Cancel Flight option & select Refund Fare.
  • Southwest Customer Relations
    • Firstly, contact Southwest Airlines at 1-800-435-9792.
    • Secondly, verify your identity by providing your booking details.
      • Confirmation Number
      • Last Name
      • First Name
      • Phone Number (Optional)
      • Rapid Rewards Account Number (Optional)
    • Thirdly, ask for a name change & provide legal proof of name change.
      • Marriage Certificate
      • Court Order
    • Fourthly, pay any fee charged.
  • Social Media Handles

Terms & Conditions for Southwest Airlines Name Change

Name Correction/Edit 

  • Firstly, passengers can amend up to 4 characters, including the title. 
  • Secondly, this policy only covers name correction/change. In case of other changes, like – Passenger Type Code (PTC), DOB, Sex, etc., Look Up other guidelines.
  • In case the error/mistakes exceed 4-letters, the passenger needs to call the Southwest Airlines Reservation Phone Number (1-800-435-9792).

Changing the Name

  • Rapid Reward Club & Frequent Flyer Contract members can only change their names on the account if it’s legally changed.
  • Also, it’s not possible to transfer the ownership/PNR of a fare to someone else.
  • According to the Southwest Airlines Name Change Policy, you can only change your name on a ticket in specific cases, like:
    • Marriage
    • Court Order
    • Divorce
    • Annulment
  • Once the name change request is complete, Southwest will reissue the fare. Also, Southwest will charge a name change fee & any difference in the fare amounts. And the Name Change Fee is calculated based on the time between booking & change request,
Name Change Fee
Within 24 Hours of Booking$150
After 24 Hours of Booking$200
  • In the case of Interline or Codeshare flights, the name change is only applicable on the flight segments operated by Southwest. In order to amend the complete ticket, the passenger may contact the other airlines on the segments.
  • Also, the segments of flights with incorrect names need to be canceled. In case they are not amended too.
  • In addition, the most restrictive rules are applied to the reissued ticket.
  • Also, passengers cannot swap their new seats with the original ones.

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Contact Information

Customer AssistancePhone Number: 1-800-435-9792
EmailRequest Form
Social Media HandlesTwitter, and Facebook
Postal AddressP.O. Box 36647-1CRDallas, Texas 75235

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can you change the name on a Southwest Airline ticket?

In short, yes, passengers can change the names on their Southwest tickets. However, this is only possible in specific situations where their name has changed legally:

– Marriage
– Divorce
– Court Ordered Name Change

Q2. How much does it cost to change a name on a Southwest flight?

corrections are free of charge, a name change request has been charged. That is to say; the charges depend based on when you requested the name change:

Q3. Does Southwest require middle names?

To summarize, passengers are not required to put in their middle names while booking tickets. However, both Southwest Airlines & TSA recommend doing so. In order to prevent any misidentification incident.

Q4. Can I add someone to my Southwest reservation?

In short, yes, you can add another person to your booking. In order to do so:
Firstly, book a flight for the person you want to add.
Secondly, contact Southwest Customer Assistance & ask them to merge your booking.
Thirdly, pay any amount if necessary.

Q5. What is your Southwest username?

In case you forgot your Southwest Airlines account username, all you need to do is:
Firstly, visit the official Southwest Airlines website.
Secondly, click on login at the top of the page & select “Need Help Logging In?” 
Thirdly, select “I Need My Username/Account Number” and fill in the details. First Name
Last Name
Email Address or RR ACCT# / ACCT Number
Once you fill in the details, click on Submit.
Then, Southwest will send you an email with your username in it.

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