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What is British Airways Name Change Policy?

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British Airways Name Change

While booking the tickets, passengers sometimes need to correct the initials or spelling, creating a problem during departure. However, there is a solution for every situation, as many airlines have started a facility to make corrections in their name. British Airways offers a flexible way to make name changes. However, according to British Airways Name Change policy, you may have to pay the name change fee.

Highlights of British Airways Name Change Policy

According to the British Airways name change policy, passengers can change up to 3 characters of their first, middle, or last name. Therefore, if required, it involves a name change fee, re-issue fee, and fare difference. The airways do not permit changing the complete name of the passenger. In case of a total name change, passengers have to cancel their ticket and re-issue it again with the same ticket price or to a higher fare code.

Some of the guidelines to know for name changes on British Airways.

  • Flight booking under executive club mileage points is not liable to change the name on their tickets.
  • Transferring of booking is not allowed. However, passengers must cancel their existing booking and book again under a different name.
  • British Airways Name Change request involves a ticket exchange procedure, which means the flight portion must be reserved to the existing class and fare rule, as per the availability.
  • If the flight booking is unavailable in the same class, passengers must book in a higher class and pay the fare difference.
  • After completing the name change process on British Airways, passengers must complete the seat selection process, as passengers cannot exchange seats between new and existing PNR.
  • The name change request is only possible on flights operated by British Airways, with ticket numbers starting with 236.
  • In particular scenarios, passengers can change up to three characters in first, middle, and last names.
  • Any passport or marriage changes are liable for a British Airways name change fee.

Name Change Before the Issue of the Ticket

  • The name change policy includes name and space correction.
  • For changes above three letters, passengers must reach out to the British Airways executive.
  • British Airways name changes on tickets would not allow the correction or addition of the date of birth, gender, infant, and passenger type code.
  • Passengers should submit a legal document for a name change for initiation of the name change procedure.

British Airways Name Change After the Issue of the Ticket

  • Passengers can change their names under legal circumstances like divorce or marriage.
  • Any name changes in the first or last name that happened in the official document after the issue of the ticket.
  • Only three characters can change in the first, middle, or last name. Therefore, passengers should submit all legal documents with the original government ID proof with a photo.
  • After the completion of the name change process, the airlines will provide passengers with new tickets. Passengers can book the ticket on same or lower/higher class as per the availability.
  • The name change fee or fare difference is applied to the passenger.

Name Change Due to Marriage or Divorce

Suppose a passenger is married or having a divorce; a legal document will be required with a valid government-issued ID with a photo to initiate a name change on flights operated by British Airways. However, if required, passengers must pay a name change fee and a fare difference.

Documents required:

  • In marriage, passengers must show a marriage certificate and previous and existing identity proof.
  • In divorce, passengers must show court orders and documents stating a legal name change.

Methods for Changing Name on British Airways Bookings

Changing a name is a relatively easy task on British Airways. Yet, there is an allowance of only a few characters, as a complete name change can lead to the transfer of the ticket.

Methods of British Airways Name Change
Methods of British Airways Name Change

Name Corrections through the Manage My Booking

Passengers can change their names through the official website. There are a few steps by which the name can be rectified for your booking.

  • Visit the British Airlines’ official website of the airline.
  • Now, log into your account.
  • Mention your booking number and last name.
  • While choosing the flight button, select manage booking from the given menu.
  • Passengers will now get a scheduled booking table, where they can choose the edit name option.
  • Enter the correct name and check all relevant information regarding the change.
  • There might be a name change fee; pay that if required.
  • At last, save all the information, and you will receive mail at your registered email address.

Name Corrections through Offline Processes

Only some passengers are comfortable making changes online, so the airline provides an offline option. The passenger can call the 1-800-247-9297 helpline number, and a representative will guide them through the process.

  • Passengers should keep the booking reference number ready. 
  • The representative will ask to submit photocopies of legal documents or any other relevant information regarding the correct identity.
  • Passengers can only add or edit three characters in the first, middle, and last names.
  • Pay the name change fee, if required.
  • After the name change, a passenger will receive mail at your registered email address.

British Airways Name Change Policy for Executive Club Account Members

Passengers who change their names due to marriage or divorce must provide legal documents to change the name on their Executive Club Account. However, to change or update the name, follow the given steps:

  • Log into the account.
  • Fill out the form.
  • Attach the following.

1)      Executive club membership number.

2)      A copy of the marriage certificate, legal document, order of divorce, or deed poll.

3)      Copy of the passport page with the name.

  • Correction of name for club members is crucial as the name mentioned on the flight ticket would not match the same on the executive club account. Thus, no flight points will be credited to the account.
  • Members can update online with digital membership cards of silver, bronze, and blue as soon as the name change process gets approval. New cards will be sent by post for gold and higher card members.

How Much is the British Airways Name Change Fee?

The airline allows passengers to change three characters in their first, middle, or last name. Moreover, passengers can change their names because of marriage or divorce. British Airways applies a specific fee for changes in the name. The name change fee would cost a passenger $60 for flights traveling to North America. On the other hand, for flights to the UK, travelers have to pay $55 in case of name corrections up to three characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my British Airways tickets to another Passenger?

Per the British Airways name change policy, passengers are prohibited from changing their identities. Therefore, the airline does not allow the transfer of a ticket to another person. So, passengers must cancel their tickets and rebook to avoid further complications.

What is British Airways Name Change Policy?

Passengers can change up to 3 letters in their first, middle, or last name. Hence, if the passenger wants to change the name because of marriage or divorce, they must submit legal documents for approval. Therefore, there will be a certain charge for a name change.

How to change the passenger’s name on the British Airways executive club membership?

It is mandatory for passengers who have membership in executive clubs on British Airways to have a correct name on the ticket and the card. Otherwise, the points would not be credited to their account. Passengers can log in to their accounts, fill out the form given, and follow the process.

How can I change my name on British Airways?

There are two methods by which passengers can change their name on British Airways. You can call the executive over the phone or use the Manage Booking feature on the official website to correct the names. 

Can I request a name change on the ticket after marriage?

Indeed, passengers can request a name change after marriage by showing all legal documents and marriage certificates, as asked by the airline.

What documents are required to change my name with British Airways?

If the passenger legally changes their name, they must submit a copy of their documents to British Airways.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Agreement
  • An old and new government-issued photo ID.

How can I make name changes for free on British Airways flights?

Passengers can make changes to their name for free till 24 hours after booking their ticket. British Airways offers a cooling-off period, where travelers can make necessary corrections without charges.

Can I change my name on a British Airways flight already booked?

Yes, the airlines allow passengers to change their names on already booked flights. However, you have to pay a certain name change fee to make the changes.

How to change the name if tickets are booked through a third party?

Passengers who book tickets from a travel agency should contact the third-party agency to make any changes.

What is the offline process in British Airways for changing the name on tickets?

Passengers can call the customer care number to make any name changes. An executive will guide the process. Passengers have to provide them with the booking number and their name. The executive will ask to submit photocopies of legal documents. Therefore, pay the name change fee and fare difference if required.