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How to Cancel an Allegiant Airlines Flight? – Policy & Process

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Who enjoy having to cancel their flight and reschedule their plans. Of course, canceling a flight is inconvenient, but it is even more inconvenient when you are unaware of the cancelation policy. Whenever you need to cancel your Allegiant reservation, you should be aware of their cancelation policy so that you can save both time and money! So in this blog post, we aim to equip you with great knowledge of the Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy in a detailed manner.

What is Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy?

Please read carefully Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy:

  • According to the Allegiant cancelation Policy, after the 24-hour window, the Allegiant airline will levy the passenger a cancelation cost.
  • Passengers need to pay a fee for flight cancelation according to the routes and class of service they select.
  • If a passenger cancels their flight within the allotted time, they don’t require to pay any cancelation fees.
  • The airline provides a protection plan to avoid the cancelation fee.
  • When a passenger cancels their scheduled tickets using the Trip Flex Protection plan, the airline will issue a complete refund.
  • If a passenger cancels or fails to board a flight on the day of departure, the entire ticket fare will be charged as No Show Fees.
  • An airline may waive the cancelation fee if the passenger cancels due to a critical condition such as illness, death, or passport stolen.

These are the points that travelers have to keep in mind according to Allegiant Cancelation Policy.

Allegiant Airlines 24-Hour Cancelation Policy

  • Allegiant Airlines ‘ Hour Cancelation Policy allows passengers to cancel their tickets without incurring cancelation fees.
  • Buy the Trip Flex Protection plan in conjunction with standard tickets to receive full refunds.
  • The Trip Flex Protection plan saves the passenger $75 on each ticket.
  • According to Allegiant Airlines 24 hours cancelation Policy, passengers who cancel tickets within 24 hours of reservation and the flight is 7 or more days away will not incur any cancelation fee.
  • Non-refundable ticket holders are also qualified to be eligible for a complete refund.
  • However, the passenger should cancel the scheduled booking within 1 day of reservation.
  • cancelation options include the Allegiant Airlines official website, phone, mobile app, airport counter, and ticket office.
  • According to Allegiant Airlines 24 Hour cancelation Policy, if passengers cancel a flight ticket within the 24-hour authorized period, the type of ticket has no bearing on the refund.

Allegiant Air Cancelled Flight Policy

Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy applies to all flights that are canceled by Allegiant. If your flight booking is canceled for any reason, you have two options under this policy:

  • The passengers can modify their trip dates without incurring fees or pricing changes for the same cities if you use Manage Travel.
  • If the passengers cancel their flights online via Manage Travel to receive a refund.

Unless you respond within 72 hours, your itinerary will be canceled immediately and a credit voucher for the full amount of your ticket will be issued to you via Customer Care for future travel or a refund.

Allegiant Airlines Weather Cancelation Policy

If the passenger’s flight is canceled or rescheduled due to adverse weather, then Allegiant’s weather cancelation policy offers you to choose from the following options:

  • Just use rescheduled booking.
  • If you don’t want to pay a fee then book an Allegiant flight on a different day.
  • Cancel the reservation and request a refund.

How to Cancel Allegiant Flight Booking?

There are 2 ways to cancel the Allegiant Airlines flight and they are online and over the call. Let’s have a look at both options one by one.

Steps To Cancel Allegiant Airlines Flight Online

Please follow the below steps to cancel the Allegiant Airlines flight online:

  1. Firstly, visit the Allegiant Airlines official website
  2. Secondly, click the Manage Travel tab
  3. Thirdly, choose any of these 3 options – By debit/credit card, By email, or By confirmation #
  1. Enter the information for the option you choose.
  2. Select the flight.
  3. Click the Cancel Booking option.
  4. Finally, confirm the cancelation.
  5. Your flight reservation will be canceled, and you will be issued a credit voucher for the remaining amount after the cancelation fee has been deducted.

Steps To Cancel Allegiant Airlines Flight Offline

  • For canceling an Allegiant reservation Offline, the passenger needs to speak to the customer support staff at a toll-free number (1-844-673-0381).
  • The customer service team is available 24*7 a week in a variety of languages, including English.
  • The passengers need to show their last name and booking reference number to the customer support staff.
  • The customer representative will carry out the cancelation process.

What to do with an Allegiant Flight Voucher after Cancelation?

  1. To use your previous flight voucher, you must book a new flight on the Allegiant official website.
  1. Once you’ve chosen the flight you want to book, click the Dropbox icon and type the voucher number.

Important note while using the Allegiant voucher:

  • No cash can be exchanged for vouchers.
  • As long as you complete your trip within a year of booking your initial itinerary, if you use a portion of your Allegiant voucher on a flight, you can utilize the remainder for another future flight.
  • It is not possible to transfer vouchers, so each voucher must be redeemed by the recipient.
  • Both airfare and baggage fees can be paid with vouchers.

Allegiant Airlines Refund Policy

  1. Passengers who book at least 7 days before departure and cancel within the 24 hours of purchase are eligible for a penalty-free refund on all Allegiant flights.
  1. Allegiant Air’s refund policy includes all forms of refunds, including the reimbursement of payments for unused extra services as a result of oversells and flight cancelations.
  1. All refunds will be issued in the original payment method.
  1. Within 7 days after the desired date, debit card refunds will be provided to the same card.
  1. Allegiant will issue refunds for cash or check fares within 20 days of receiving all necessary documents.
  1. Refunds will be issued in either US dollars or the currency used to purchase the ticket.

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FAQ – Allegiant Cancelation Policy

How much is the cancelation fee for Allegiant Airlines?

In the event that passengers need to cancel  Allegiant flight reservations more than 24 hours after booking, there will be a $75 charge per segment and per passenger. Following that, a credit will be issued less the $75 cancelation fee.

How can I speak to Allegiant customer staff by phone?

The Manage Travel section of Allegiant’s website lets customers cancel or change their reservations. Customers can also call the Allegiant customer support staff at (702) 505-8888 to cancel or modify their reservations.

Can I cancel an Allegiant flight booking without incurring a fee?

Customers can cancel their entire air transportation itinerary without penalty. The first option is online through Manage Travel and the second option is by contacting Allegiant’s Reservation Center, as long as they meet the requirements.

(1) the cancelation is made within 24 hours of the booking,

(2) At the time of booking, the scheduled departure time was at least one week (168 hours) away, and

(3) The air transportation was not purchased as part of a package that included both air and ground transportation.

Is it possible to fly on Allegiant Airlines without a mask?

Allegiant Airlines require all passengers to wear face masks at all times. Children who are under the age of 2, as well as passengers with documented disabilities or medical conditions, are the only exceptions.

Are Allegiant vouchers valid for a specific period of time?

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of issuance, and only Allegiant Air products can be bought with them. And they can also use them once and will lose any remaining value.

How can I get my Allegiant voucher?

  1. Please double-check your inbox.
  1. Clicking “my login” to access your Allegiant Account.
  1. You will view a copy of your Credit Voucher.
  1. If you are unable to locate your voucher number, please contact Customer Service at
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