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How Do Change My Name on Jetblue Airlines Tickets?

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Traveling is supposed to make us feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Therefore, whenever we plan for a trip, we want to ensure that we do not face any issues. Furthermore, when one makes a booking for any destination, there are times when they have to make changes to the name. This happens because of entering the wrong name either while making the booking or there is some change in the name later on. So, if you are one such flyer who wants to complete the JetBlue Airlines name change procedure, you will find all the information here.

What is JetBlue Airlines Name Change Policy?

If you want to complete the JetBlue Airlines name change procedure in a hassle-free manner, then it is essential to have information on the policy in advance. Furthermore, when passengers have detailed information on the policy, it becomes straightforward for them to complete the name change procedure.

  • As per the JetBlue Airlines name change policy, each passenger can go ahead to make the changes in their name once. 
  • Furthermore, the Flyers have to make the modifications in the name that they mention on the original PNR. Also, there may be times when you might not be able to change the name on the original PNR. So, if this happens, you will have to cancel your first booking and then make a new booking. 
  •  Moreover, when you decide to complete the name change procedure, you need to select the same class on your ticket. 
  • In addition to this, an individual is eligible to make the change in name due to reasons like divorce, adoption, or marriage. 
  • If you booked your flight with JetBlue Airlines through third-party platforms, you are not eligible to complete the JetBlue Airlines name change procedure.

How to Change the Name on the JetBlue Airlines?

Jet Blue Airlines is aware that different flyers rely on them for their air travel. This is why they make sure to provide different methods for the name change. Furthermore, there are various methods that individuals can choose the best one for themselves.

Change Your Name Using the Manage Booking 

If you are an individual who has enough knowledge to use the online method, then you can complete the JetBlue Airlines name change procedure via the official website. Furthermore, to complete the named procedure via the site, you need to follow simple steps.  

  • Firstly, you need to open the official website of JetBlue Airlines
  • As soon as the site opens up, you need to click on the option of manage trips. 
  • Once you click on this option, you need to fill in the booking confirmation code provided to you by the airline. 
  • Furthermore, go ahead to enter the last name of the flyer here and then click on the option of “flight.” Once we click this option, you will see the specific booking on your screen. 
  • Moreover, you can make the changes you want to in your name in this step. Once you are done, click on the option to confirm. 
  • Lastly, you might have to pay the charges set by the airline for completing the name change procedure.

Name Change Through the Phone Application 

In addition to the online method of the name change, individuals can also rely on the phone application. If you want to complete the JetBlue Airlines name change procedure via your mobile, download the phone application of JetBlue Airlines. Meanwhile, you need to follow the steps and complete the name change procedure.

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Can You Change the Middle Name On The JetBlue Booking?

Many JetBlue travelers are confused if they are eligible to complete the middle name changes. Yes, JetBlue Airlines allows individuals to change their middle name. Furthermore, you need to visit the Official Website and follow the steps correctly. 

In addition to this, you need to keep in mind some points if you wish to make changes to your middle name-

  • The middle name you mentioned on your booking should be similar to the one on the government ID. 
  • Furthermore, remember to update your middle name when you make the reservation for JetBlue Airlines.

JetBlue Airlines Name Change in Case of Marriage- 

JetBlue Airlines allows its passengers to complete the name change procedure using the waiver code. However, there are only certain situations under which one can complete the process in this way. These situations include marriage, adoption, and divorce. Furthermore, most of the passengers get worried About the name change procedure if they get married. But you need to follow the simple steps by visiting the official website.

Basic Name Corrections 

JetBlue Airlines allows the passengers to make minor corrections up to three characters. Meanwhile, they can edit three characters in first name, or last name. Additionally, the deadline for free minor changes is up to seven days before departure. 

What is the JetBlue Airlines Name Change Fee?

The fee set by JetBlue Airlines to complete the name change procedure is minimal. This means an individual does not have to pay a considerable amount to complete the fee name change procedure. Furthermore, the Flyers need to know that the fee depends on the type of fare an individual booked. 

Moreover, the fee you need to pay also depends on the cost of your ticket. 

  • Firstly, for the blue and blue plus fares whose cost is under $100, the individual needs to pay the charges of $75. 
  • Furthermore, for the tickets whose cost varies from $100 to $149, the name change fee is $100. 
  • Moreover, for the tickets that cost from $150 to 199, you need to pay the fee of $150. 
  • If you bought a ticket that costs more than $200, you need to pay $200. 
  • Lastly, the charge for the name change for the standby tickets is $75.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the ways I can use to complete the JetBlue Airlines name change procedure? 

JetBlue Airlines allows you to use any three, First, an individual can visit the official website, use the airline’s phone application, and use the phone number of this airline to get in touch with travel representatives.

On what conditions do the charges for name change depend? 

Firstly, the charges an individual needs to pay depend on the type of fare, and secondly, it depends on the cost of the ticket.

What documents are required to change the name on JetBlue Airlines?

Passengers must submit the following documents to make changes to their flight tickets. The changes can be major or minor, passengers must attach an ID with a photo, marriage certificate, and a copy of divorce paper that matches the original ID proof.

Can I change the name on a flight ticket to someone else?

No, you cannot transfer the tickets to other passengers. The airline only allows making modifications to the name and should inform the airline at least 24 hours before departure.

What is a minor name change on JetBlue Airlines?

Passengers can modify up to three characters in the same PNR. The airline approves name changes for validated and unused tickets only. The airline does not charge a name change fee for minor changes in the name. 

Will I be allowed to change my destination with my name on JetBlue Airlines?

No, while making name corrections on tickets, you cannot change their flight destination, time, or date. The airline only allows to modify the names. 

What do you mean by JetBlue Airlines’ name change policy?

The name change policy of JetBlue Airlines allows passengers to change their name, which can be major or minor changes. In minor changes, you can change up to three characters in the same PNR number. However, for major changes, you have to change their complete name with a new PNR number. 

Can I change my name on my tickets for JetBlue Airlines?

Yes, you can change the name or correct the spelling of up to three characters by connecting with the airline staff and should be informed at least 24 hours before departure.