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Emirates Airlines Name Change Policy- Correction Process and Fee

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While booking the tickets, we often make spelling mistakes in our name. It can turn out to be a headache as Emirates does not allow the passenger to fly when their name on the ticket does not match the ID proof. However, you can rectify the name yet, you must be aware of the Emirates Name Change Policy. 

What is the Emirates Name Change Policy?

The Emirates name change policy allows passengers to Correct/Change their names on a Fare & the Emirates Database. That is to say, they are the guidelines for

  • Type of Change
  • Determining the Eligibility for Name Change/Correction
  • How to Request a Name Change

However, Emirates name change can only be done through the airline’s official channels. That is to say, no third party like Travel agencies, Agents, etc, can make changes on their own.

Types of Changes

  • Name Correction – In case, a passenger has a minor error in the spelling of their name. Then, they can apply for a correction of their name. Instead of a complete name change.
  • Emirates Name Change Policy – However, if the passenger’s whole name is incorrect or they’ve changed their name legally. In that case, they have to apply for the name change.
  • Changing Personal Information – Also, passengers registered with the Skywards program, can change their details, like-
    • Nationality
    • Date of Birth
    • Contact Information
    • Email Address
    • Gender

Term and Conditions

  • Firstly, Emirates Airlines charges passengers a fee for processing a name change. 
  • Secondly, passengers must apply for a name correction before the departure of the first flight on their itinerary.
  • To clarify, passengers have to apply for the name correction at least 2 hours before departure.
  • Thirdly, the Emirates Name Change Policy only allows the correction of up to 4 letters. In addition, the title & spaces between the names come under the 4-letter limit.

Emirates Airlines Name Change Fee

CountryType of BookingName Correction Charge (USD/Per Passenger)
United States of AmericaDirect$30
United KingdomDirect$13.15
BrazilDirectNo Charge
IndiaDirectNo Charge
All Other CountriesDirect$30

Emirates Airlines Name Change

  • Firstly, only passengers who had their names legally changed, are eligible for this process. Also, passengers seeking a name change, need to provide legal documents as proof.
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Divorce Decree
    • Court Order
    • Secondly, passengers can apply for a name change at any point in time. That is to say, even after the departure of the first flight.
    • However, passengers cannot transfer the ownership of their fare to someone else, through this method.
    • Also, the name change charges depend on the type of fare.
    • Lastly, Emirates can only change the name of the fares purchased through the official Emirates channels. In case your ticket is booked through a travel agency, you need to request the name change to the agency.

Name Change Charges

Type of FareCharges
Basic Fare$250
Best Value Fare$250
Economy Flex Fare$250
Business Basic Fare$200
Business Value Fare$200
Business Flex Fare$200

*There are separate guidelines for changing any other information on your fare. However, members of the Skywards Club can change their personal information.

Amending Personal Information

  • Firstly, passengers who are Skywards members can change their personal information, through the website.
    • However, these changes do not apply to already booked fares.
  • In the case of multi-segmented flights, the segments operated by other airlines will now be governed by these policies. In addition, passengers have to separately apply for name change/correction for those segments.

*After any change & correction request is processed, Emirates will reissue a new fare. With the passenger’s amended name & details on it. However, the Emirate will charge any change in the fare amount.

How to Request for Emirates Name Change?

  • Firstly, contact the nearest Emirates contact center.
  • Secondly, explain to them your issue.
  • Then provide them with the correct name. In case of a legal name change, provide them with legal documents as proof.
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Court Order
    • Divorce Decree
  • Lastly, pay the fee & any additional fare charge.

A Guide to Emirates Name Correction

  • Online
    • Firstly, visit the official Emirates website.
    • Secondly, click on Manage on the top bar & select Retrieve Your Booking.
    • Thirdly, enter your booking details & click on Retrieve Booking.
      • Passenger’s Last Name
      • Booking Reference Number
    • Once your booking opens, click on the Emirates Name Correction option.
    • Then, make changes in your name & title as you prefer. However, make sure that the corrected name matches the name on your government IDs.
  • Telephone
    • Firstly, call the Emirates customer assistance number to talk to an Emirate agent.
    • Secondly, provide your booking details to the agent & request a name correction.
    • Thirdly, provide the correction you wish to make. To authenticate the change, provide them with a government ID.
    • Lastly, follow their instructions & pay the name correction fees.

Steps to Change Passenger’s Personal Information

  • Personal Information Change
    • Firstly, visit the official website of the Emirates.
    • Secondly, click on Log In in the top right corner.
    • Thirdly, fill in your account details & click on Log In.
      • Email ID/Skywards Number.
      • Password.
    • Then, next to your information, click on the edit icon & make changes.
    • Lastly, click on Save.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the name on an Emirates ticket?

Yes, passengers can change their names on an Emirates flight ticket. However, only if they have changed their legal name after the booking. 

Do Emirates require middle names?

Emirates does not require passengers to enter their middle name while booking. However, it is advised by the TSA to put your name as mentioned in your government ID.

Is it possible for Emirates to transfer a ticket to another person?

No, Emirates does not allow you to transfer the ownership of your ticket to someone else. However, if you have a refundable fare, you can cancel it & use the refunded amount or travel funds to book another fare.

Does Emirates allow free change on flights?

Yes on particular routes, Emirates does not charge any fee for changing the name on the ticket. However, When the ticket is purchased from India, Brazil, Europe, or the UK, there are no additional charges. Yet,  on all other routes, Emirates will charge a name change fee.

How much does it cost to change your name on Emirates?

Emirates charges a price to make modifications to your names, per the name change policy. The charges are USD 30 for all destinations, excluding India, Brazil, Europe, and the UK. 

Can I change the name of Skywards Members on Emirates?

Members of the Skywards Frequent Flyer Program on Emirates must inform the airline in writing along with all legal documents to make any amendments in their name. Hence, you must make timely requests along with documents as the Emirates Skyward program will investigate the request thoroughly. 

Are there ways to change the name of Emirates Airlines?

Moreover, there are many ways by which you can change the name on Emirates. You can speak to Emirates executives or visit the airport counter. Otherwise, you can also prefer using the Manage Booking tool for changing the name online. 

What is the name change fee on Emirates Airlines for basic fare?

The name change fee on Emirates charges according to the class type. However, for basic fare tickets, you have to pay USD 250.