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Here, you will get an overview of cheap flights to las vegas offered by various airlines. Whether you are taking a mid-week vacation or a getaway trip, Las Vegas is a perfect match for you. Do you want to have an affordable and budget-friendly vacation to Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a unique place that offers endless things to its visitors, from Blackjack Tables and TAO Nightclub to traditional getaways or from high-end spas to luxurious boutiques.

Las Vegas is a rich place for outdoor activities, such as Red Rock Canyon for hiking, Hoover Dam via a bus or helicopter tour, and ATV tours. In the following sections, we have talked about cheap flights to Las Vegas.

High seasonDecember
Low SeasonAugust
Cheapest AirlineSouthwest
cheap flights to las vegas
Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Top Airlines – cheap flights to Las Vegas

Delta Airlines – cheap flights to Las Vegas

It is a major airline that offers its services in the US and other countries. It is also the oldest airline that is operating. The following table summarizes cheap flights to las vegas offered by Delta.

Popular RoutesRound TripOne Way
Detroit to Las Vegas  $333-$295$116-$154
Pittsburg to Las Vegas  $292-$312$146-$274
Atlanta to Las Vegas  $228-$312$146-$203
Orlando to Las Vegas  $211-$376$134-$294
Nashville to Las Vegas  $558-$578  $209-$349

Etihad – cheap flights to Las Vegas

It is the second flag airline of the UAE (United Arab Emirates). It has been operating since November 2003.  The following are cheap flights offered by Etihad.

Popular RoutesRound TripOne Way
Doha to Las Vegas$3666-$3683$926-$2165
Chicago to Las Vegas  $194-$228$90-$208
Detroit to Las Vegas  $225-$276$116-$167
New York to Las Vegas  $594- $634$157-$203

American Airlines – cheap flights to Las Vegas

It is the largest airline globally when measured by revenue and fleet size. It covers 345 plus destinations in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean. The following are cheap flights to Las Vegas offered by American Airlines.

Popular RoutesRound TripOne Way
Dallas to Las Vegas$218-387$249-$459
Philadelphia to Las Vegas$496-$515$248-$369
Miami to Las Vegas  $591-$694$303-$464
Los Angeles to Las Vegas  $193-$243$94-$198
Washington D.C. to Las Vegas  $457-$567$279-$390

United Airlines – cheap flights to Las Vegas

It serves international and domestic cities, both large and small, across the US and all the other six continents. It is the third-largest carrier in the world if measured by the number of routes and its fleet size.

Popular RoutesRound TripOne Way
Newark to Las Vegas  $305-$532$298-$362
Chicago to Las Vegas  $419-$841$143-$489
Denver to Las Vegas$217-$503$113- $399
Cleveland to Las Vegas  $322-$492$322-$492
Manchester to Las Vegas    $1296-$1693$387-$1252

Southwest Airlines – cheap flights to Las Vegas

It is famous for the low-cost flight tickets it provides to its flyers. This carrier is perfect for those who are traveling budget-friendly.

Popular RoutesRound TripOne Way
Tucson to Las Vegas  $394-$409$182-$214
Austin to Las Vegas  $104-$174$417-$422
Oakland to Las Vegas  $84-$184$274-$298
Seattle to Las Vegas  $89-$139$188-$259
Denver to Las Vegas  $84-$203$192-$281

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A Little About Las Vegas- The Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas is among the most attractive tourist destinations in the United States. There are various reasons behind its being famous: pool parties, round-the-year sunlight, decadent buffet,  gambling, and, more significantly, its shimmery nightlife that will never quit.

It is also named “the sin city” due to the gambling and casinos. In addition, it is also nicknamed the entertainment capital of the world and America’s playground, which is perfect for this beautiful Nevada spot.

Where to Go in Las Vegas? (Popular Attractions)

There are endless choices to visit in Las Vegas. Then, what are you waiting for? Dive in, and see the most top-notch places that attract tourists across the world. Before you start your trip planning, look at the list of its famous attractions here in this guide:

List of Attractions:

The Venetian Casino and Grand Canal

Why exhaust your money and visit Italy after crossing the Atlantic when you can just enjoy a taste of it in Vegas. The Venetian is a replica of the outline of Venice, finishing with the Grand Canal and Gondola Rides.

Seven Magic Mountains

It is located 10 miles from the South of the Strip. Additionally, it is an exhibit created by Ugo Rondinone, a Swiss Artist. Moreover, it is a visual representation of expression and color in the desert.

Bellagio Casino and Fountains

It is a staple of The Strip and provides many ways through which you can put your money on the line, from slot machines to races to table games to sportsbooks. Among various other tournaments, it also hosts the World Poker Tour. But Bellagio has many more things than casinos.

Fashion Show Mall

Want to see a Live Show on the Runway Fashion Show? If so, you must visit Fashion Show Mall situated on the Strip. Also, fashion shows frequently occur on a runway at Fashion Show Mall.

Fremont Street Experience

You can go to the Fremont street experience for the bands performing free, the light show that is shown on the Viva Vision (a giant video screen), and DJs.

Downtown Art Murals

Out on the street, you can see the culture of the Las Vegas Downtown area.

In addition, many of the Downtown Art Murals are designed by world-famous artists that are displayed at the Life Beautiful Festival.

The Aquarium

You can visit the Silverton Casino Hotel to look at the mythical mermaids. Moreover, it is a 117000-gallon Aquarium. You can see an interactive mermaid swimming freely during the whole day along with the tropical fishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Harry Reid International Airport primarily serves Las Vegas and the nearby area.

The ticket counter opens at least 120 minutes before the first departure.

The evening is the best time of the whole day to go to Las Vegas via plane as the flight tickets are cheaper such as $292. Mostly, flight tickets are costlier at noon in Las Vegas, with a ticket price of $319. It is because departure flight times mostly take off at noon, probably peak times. Conclusively, air tickets are costlier than the other times of the day.

United Airlines operates Terminal 1 to depart and arrive its flights at the Harry Reid airport McCarran Las Vegas Airport (LAS). Most gates of United lead through the TSA secure region. Also, you should use Terminal 3 for Check-in for United flights.

The distance between New York and Las Vegas is  3600 kilometers approximately.

Nevada is mostly a deserted area situated within the Great Basin. Great Basin’s south areas reside in the Mojave Desert. On the other hand, the Sierra Nevada and Lake Tahoe are located at the western edge.

The closest cities near Las Vegas, NV

  • 223 miles from Glendale, CA
  • 223 miles from Anaheim, CA
  • 186 miles from San Bernardino, CA
  • , 227 miles to Los Angeles, CA
  • 196 miles from Riverside, CA
  • 13 miles from Henderson, NV
  • 226 miles from Santa Ana, CA
  • 223 miles from Bakersfield, CA

The most reasonable time to visit Las Vegas is January, February, April, and September. Costs can reach high in march, March, July, and December.

Las Vegas Valley’s southern part has been commonly known as Paradise Valley since 1910 because of a high water table made of land rich in farming.

It does not have state food, but the shrimp cocktail is considered local food. It was firstly served in Las Vegas in 1959.

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