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Read everything below and get an overview of cheap flights to Hawaii. Living a monotonous life may affect your mental and professional growth. Following a routine life may make you irritated and cause health issues later. Therefore, taking a break from a scheduled life is necessary, especially after a pandemic. However, traveling can change your mood and intensify your productivity at work. What if you get a perfect travel destination with a beautiful beach view and exciting things to do? Trust me, Hawaii can be the best destination for you. In this blog, you will come across a few things related to a trip to Hawaii.

Here you will know about; the best airlines, popular routes, attractions, and cheap deals for your trip.

Top 5 Best Airlines And Cheap Flights to Hawaii

HAWAIIAN AIRLINES – Cheap Flights to Hawaii

If you are traveling from North American cities, then Hawaiian Airlines is considered the best airline. It is operational throughout the year, without skipping a single day. Of course, weather conditions or national emergencies may create an exception in this case. The following table summarizes the average cheap flights to Hawaii.

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
San Diego to Kona$139-$299$518-$1,127
Oakland to Maui$199-$379$453-$624
Seattle to Maui$199-$285$608-$694
California to Maui$413-$508$618-$843
Long Beach to Honolulu$234-$354$472-$592

ALASKA AIRLINES – Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Passengers traveling from the western coast can opt for the Alaskan Airline, as it operates more than 150 flights per week. Alaska airline flies daily from Anchorage, Oakland, San Diego, Bellingham, Sacramento, San Jose, etc. The following table summarizes the average cheap flights to Hawaii.

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
Los Angeles to Maui$119-$240$237-$359
Chicago to Lihue$396-$716$918-$1237
Mexico City to Honolulu$867-$1291$1371-$2112
Boston to Honolulu$332-$1135$1021-$1825
Houston to Kona$361-$757$795-$1214

AMERICAN AIRLINES – Cheap Flights to Hawaii

American Airlines provides its services to around40 countries. You can even use Hawaiian Airlines’ point, as Hawaiian Airlines and American Airlines are partner airlines.

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
San Diego to Maui$255-$472$463-$724
Chicago to Lihue$919-$1140$509-$875
San Diego to Kona$132-$888$562-$2036
Mexico City to Honolulu$1108-$5178$4334-$5172
Los Angeles to Maui$418-$737$324-$575

United Airlines – Cheap Flights to Hawaii

United Airlines carries a more significant number of passengers daily to Hawaii than other airlines. They offer non-stop flights to Hawaii from central Denver, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Passengers traveling through United Airlines wishing to fly between the Hawaiian Islands can procure their United’s Mileage Plus points.

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
Chicago to Maui$582-$996$987-$1391
San Diego to Lihue$391-$1278$609-$1561
Los Angeles to Kona$339-$1475$574-$1600
Mexico City to Honolulu$612-$2056$1207-$3900
Seattle to Maui$302-$1332$520-$1550

ALLEGIANT AIR – Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Flying to Hawaii through Allegiant Airlines is the best airline option, as it provides a non-stop flight on all 7 days of a week. The airline offers trips to Hawaii from several cities in the western U.S. Its first flights flew from Las Vegas and Fresno to Honolulu. Since then, the airline has added varying flights to and from Hawaii two or three times each week. In addition, flights on Allegiant can be cheaper than competing airlines.

Popular RoutesOne WayRound Trip
Chicago to Honolulu$689-$870$1089-$3900
San Diego to Lihue$480-$745$890-$1400
Los Angeles to Kona$1059-$1456$895-$3450
Mexico City to Honolulu$456-$872$930-$1560
Seattle to Maui$389-$507$740-$1045

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Hawaii as a Travel Destination

cheap flights to hawaii
Cheap Flights to Hawaii

Hawaii; is one of the famous and most expensive travel spots in the U.S.A. It is well known for its beautiful rainforests, world-class beaches, and dynamic volcanoes. However, passengers have made it a perfect attraction for its incredible scenic beauty and authentic food. So, here I am to help you find top attractions in Hawaii.

Mid December- Mid AprilAugustHawaiian Airline

10 Most Popular Attractions in Hawaii

  1. USS Arizona Memorial-
    The USS Arizona Memorial is made over the remaining parts of the submerged war vessel USS Arizona. It is the last resting place for many of the 1,177 crew members killed on December 7, 1941, when Japanese Naval Forces besieged their boat.
  2. Iolani Palace-
    It is the only historical and official royal landmark in the United States. 
  3. Diamond Heart State Monument-
    Most fantastic tourist spot in Honolulu; it even offers you breathtaking scenic beauty. Here, you can enjoy trekking and beach sceneries and explore the military history of Hawaii.
  4. Akaka Falls State Park-
    Visit the wonderful state park and capture the beauty of nature in your eyes forever. Watching this tremendous waterfall will give you and your eyes a sense of relaxation.
  5. Waimea Canyon State Park-
    This state park is a national reserve. This place can be a blessing for nature lovers and wildlife photographers.
  6. Maui Ocean Center-
    Maui Ocean Center is the most happening attraction in Hawaii. If you are a person who loves water adventure, then you should mandatorily pay a visit to this place. Also, visit the famous massive aquarium walk.
  7. Keé Beach Wailea Beach-
    People mostly visit this place for a fantastic stay at luxurious resorts on a beautiful beach.
  8. Bishop Museum-
    Bishop Museum is the most famous museum in Hawaii. It is also known as the world’s largest Polynesian cultural reserve. 
  9. Honolulu Zoo-
    Visiting the Honolulu zoo is a must when traveling to Hawaii. You get a chance to explore 65 plus reptile species, 160 bird species, African giraffes, and unique pink flamingos.
  10. Mauna Kea-
    You will witness the tallest volcanic mountain in the world and pleasing sceneries.

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