This blog deals with United Airlines Student Baggage Allowance.

Students travel through airlines regularly. Whether it is for those trips with peers, going to universities, etc. 

So, it’s not surprising that they generally carry so much stuff with them. In addition, at times, they require more baggage facilities than a standard traveler.

However, airlines have strict policies for allowing items onboard their aircraft. Similarly, United Airlines have specific guidelines for carrying or transporting items/baggage on flights. The United Airlines Student Baggage Allowance Policy cover-

  • Baggage Size/Weight/Charges
  • Also, Additional Baggage Services
  • Special Items
  • Restrictions/Banned Items
  • Packing Requirements, etc.

Are There Any Extra Baggage Allowance for Students?

In short, United Airlines does not give any unique allowance facility to students. However, they provide an exclusive 5% discount on bookings to passengers aged 18 – 22 years. 

Although to avail of it, you need to book the fare through the United App. Also, this discount is valid for bookings made up till June 30th, 2022

Other than that, United Airlines Student Baggage Allowance is dictated by the United Baggage Policy. Thus, let us discuss what these policies are.

What is the United Airlines Baggage Policy?

  • Carry-on Baggage
    • Firstly, passengers with fares other than the basic economy can carry-
      • 1 Full-Sized Carry-On Baggage.
      • 1 Personal Item (Shoulder Bag, Laptop Bag, etc.)
    • However, passengers with basic economy fare can avail themselves of the same baggage, if they are,
      • Firstly, a Premier® member.
      • Secondly, United MileagePlus Club Primary Card Member.
      • Thirdly, Star Alliance Gold Member
Baggage TypeLength (in/cm)Width (in/cm)Height (in/cm)
Personal Item9/2210/2517/43
  • Checked Baggage
    • The baggage service charge for multi-segmented flights depends on,
      • Firstly, the baggage cost of the first segment marketing carrier.

However, if the passenger makes changes in their itinerary. Then, the new marketing carrier of the first segment will determine the baggage charge.

  • In short, passengers with basic economy fares have no checked baggage allowance. However, they can purchase baggage allowance online or at the check-in counter,
  • Although Premier Gold members with economy fares are allowed to carry,
    • Two check-in baggage (70 lbs each), between the US, Canada, Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands.
    • Three check-in baggage for international travel.
  • Military Exemptions – To sum up, United States Military members get exemptions from baggage charges, up to an extent.
No of BaggageWeight LimitTravel Type
370 lbs/eachCasual
5100 lbs/eachOfficial Business

However, only active members of the U.S Military will get these exemptions. Also, to their accompanying dependents.

What are the Baggage Service Charges?

Type of ServiceParametersCharges
Oversize Baggage62 – 115 linear inches$200/ Bag
Overweight Baggage50 – 70 lbs$100 – $200/Bag
Additional Baggage$150 – $200/Bag
Gate Handling Charge(Basic Economy Class Fare)$25

*In order to know your baggage allowance and charges, students can use the baggage calculator.

Are there any Types of Products with Extra Baggage Charges?

Passengers do not commonly carry certain items. Thus, they have their unique baggage charges or exemptions. 

Therefore, we can categorize these items based on their uses & properties. That is why below we have compiled the list of these items & the policies for their allowance.

Infant & Children Items

Diaper BagNo Charge
Breast Pump & MilkNo Charge
Car SeatsNo Charge
Compact Folding StrollersNo Charge
Strollers/Folding WagonsNo Charge
Portable & Collapsible Cribs

Wheelchair Allowance

In short, passengers in need can bring one wheelchair on board with no extra fee. To clarify, United allows all types of wheelchairs. For instance, folding, collapsible, non-folding, manual, powered, etc.

However, United will apply the oversized/overweight baggage charges on any additional wheelchairs/scooters.

In case you’re traveling in an aircraft with a capacity of 60 or less,

  • Firstly, inform the airline at least 48 before your departure.
  • Secondly, arrive an additional hour early.

*However, United will inspect & allow the transit of wheelchairs under strict guidelines.

Electronic Devices

Electronic GamesPARP
Personal ComputersE-Cigarettes/Vape Pens
MP3 Players/RecordersHumidifiers
CalculatorsBlow Dryer/Curling Iron
Electric Shavers/TrimmersTelevision
CamerasRemote Control Toys

Useful Link:

Sports Items

In case you are carrying sports items with you, the standard baggage charges & rules will apply. However, you have to follow specific packing standards for each item.

Dangerous Item

In order to maintain the safety of the passengers & the crew, you are not allowed to carry:

  • Self-balancing/Battery Powered Suitcases.
  • Camping Equipment with Fuel.
  • Mace/Pepper Spray & Tear Gas.
  • Explosives.
  • MREs
  • Shock Absorbers
  • Stun Guns/Electroshock Defence Weapons (Tasers, etc.).
  • Smart Bags (with integrated batteries).
  • SCUBA Tanks (under 40 PSI limit).

Therefore, now you know all you need to about the United Airlines Student Baggage Allowance.


Do students get an extra baggage allowance on United Airlines?

In short, there is no extra baggage allowance for students traveling by United Airlines. However, United Airlines does provide baggage charges exemptions for active members of the U.S armed forces. And any of their dependents accompanying them.

How many bags does United Airlines allow for free?

To sum up, the number of free baggage that United allows depends on –
– First, Fare Type;
– Secondly, Type of Travel, I.e., Domestic or International;
– Thirdly, Whether the passenger is an active member of the U.S Military or not;
– Lastly, if you are a Premier Gold member or not.

Fare TypeBaggage Allowance (Bags Per Ticket)
Basic EconomyDomestic – None
Other Fares2
Premier Gold MemberDomestic – 2
International – 3
Active U.S Military MemberCasual Travel – 3
Official Business – 5

Can I take 3 checked bags on United?

In short, yes, you can take three checked baggage on a United Flight. However, the charges depend on your fare, destination & Club Membership. That is to say, you may have to pay from $150 – $200 or no charge at all.